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Bistro Fruit Folie

Fruit Folie – Bursting with fruit

The 411

Bistro Fruits Folies OutsideSt-Denis is a street where all you need to do is walk a little bit and find a nice gem of a place to eat, and brunch is no exception to this rule. Fruits de Folie falls into this category by providing well priced food and tons of fruit on most of your plates (as the name implies). Although this is my first time coming to Fruits de Folie, I know a lot of people who have spoken about it for quite some time now, and the peer reviews all follow a similar theme of lots of fruit and very affordable. Now since I can’t disagree with those two ideals, off I went exploring.



Plateau and Mile End Brunch Locations

Places to eat Brunch in the Plateau and Mile end

The following is a map of brunch and breakfast places you can find in the Plateau and Mile End. I defined this area by the political riding from the city of Montreal. The southern most point is Sherbrooke, the west sides are University and Hutchison (once you’re north of Pine) with Iberville on the east end and Bernard at the northern tip. I have also included the McGill ghetto since it is rather close by and small.

The Plateau/Mile End offers many good and well priced options. Two of the main areas of concentration are Mount Royal and Bernard street. In some instances you can walk 10 feet in any direction and find a place to eat brunch. So take a look and see what you feel like. Also, if you feel I missed some places please feel free to comment by posting a reply.




Côté Soleil Shines

The 411

Previously known as Côté Soleil, Raviolution is the best kept secret in the city for breakfast/brunch. With well sized portions, great taste and service, this little St Denis Resto is guaranteed not to disappoint.

At 1st glance

Ever pass by St Denis and see that building with the yellow stair case? Well, if you’ve seen it then you’re standing in front of Raviolution. From the outside it’s quite unassuming but when you sit down you will be amazed by what they have to offer.


Raviolution puts some great breakfast ideas on the table; plates such as Apricot crêpes ($7.95), chestnut cream crepe, and a solid line-up of eggs Benedict that cost anywhere between $10.95 to $12.95. The omelettes are also bursting with taste and range from $7.95 to $10.95 for the 3 choices of omelettes. It also has the most unique pieces of fresh fruit per plate; what this means is that it has many interesting varied fruits on your plate, not just the normal berries and orange slice. One of my favourites is the Eggs Benedict Scadinavian ($11.95) which comes with smoked salmon and is bursting with flavour and is quite filling. The Apricot crêpes are a sure hit, not too sweet and just the right taste. The spinach and cheese omelette ($8.95) does not disappoint and is a tasty vegetarian option. The fresh fruit and yogurt cups ($7.95) are of a nice size and refreshing. (more…)

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