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Wheelchair Access

The wheelchair rating section is intended to allow those with limited mobility to have an idea which breakfast places allow for easier access. Although to my knowledge no single breakfast spot is fully wheelchair accessible, but some do a better job than others.

The main points are:

I) Easy access into the building (does not have steps, or has an alternate ramp).

II) A wheelchair accessible washroom stall.

III) A sensor or door button.

Although, it should be noted that most places can be navigated with some assistance and that a No rating does not necessarily mean that someone with limited mobility cannot enjoy the venue. What it does mean is that those venues will require some assistance to get in the door and using the rest room may prove difficult. The ratings are as shown below and a wheelchair is awarded for meeting one of the 3 above mentioned criterias.

0 wheelchairs out of 3

1 wheelchair out of 3

2 wheelchairs out of 3

3 wheelchairs out of 3

To find a list of places with wheelchair access just click HERE


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