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Plateau and Mile End Brunch Locations

Places to eat Brunch in the Plateau and Mile end

The following is a map of brunch and breakfast places you can find in the Plateau and Mile End. I defined this area by the political riding from the city of Montreal. The southern most point is Sherbrooke, the west sides are University and Hutchison (once you’re north of Pine) with Iberville on the east end and Bernard at the northern tip. I have also included the McGill ghetto since it is rather close by and small.

The Plateau/Mile End offers many good and well priced options. Two of the main areas of concentration are Mount Royal and Bernard street. In some instances you can walk 10 feet in any direction and find a place to eat brunch. So take a look and see what you feel like. Also, if you feel I missed some places please feel free to comment by posting a reply.



Caffe Della Posta

A refreshing change

The 411

Originally known as the Vaudeville, Della Posta, a self described Sicilian Resto, offers a weekend brunch. Nestled on Bernard, west of Park, the decor takes you back to a relaxed place.

At 1st glance

The location is rather easy to miss as you tend to keep walking until you realize you passed it. Once inside you feel relaxed with the white decor and the lovely bar with an open kitchen on the side. The menu is actually quite short but there are some interesting dishes.


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