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Crescendo – Waterfront fun in Verdun

The 411

crescendo-outside-smallI often get challenging requests to find particular brunch places with various menu items, budgets, times of day, all you can eat buffet, and geographic areas. Now, I must say that I’m pretty good with most of these and especially when it comes to various boroughs in Montreal EXCEPT for when it comes to Verdun. Verdun is like a black hole where maps are wrong, addresses are messed up and street signs are flat out missing. While visiting a friend in Verdun, I was able to show her a couple of brunch places and trust me, there weren’t many. I had recently came across this web site called shoestring Montreal that showcases inexpensive and tasty places to go to around Montreal (BTW – check it out). On that site we saw a posting for this place in Verdun that did brunch by the water. We were so curious and excited about this that we decided to check it out.

At 1st glance

crescendo-exterior-smallCrescendo does not have a large sign and come to think of it I don’t think I saw anything really that would point the place out as being a restaurant, except for the address which is noticeable only when you are close to it. What I did see from afar was basically a red roof on a large building near the water. When you come up to it you notice a nice ample parking lot along with bike paths and trees all around it. In fact, there is even a ferry that will bring you to Nuns Island and you can walk around there before coming back to the Verdun side.

Now, you will rarely hear me say this but I consider this to be an amazing date place. In the summer you can come here to eat, walk/bike around and go to Nun’s Island. The inside is really nice and it is still a secret to those outside of Verdun. When you walk in you notice it is wheelchair accessible, which is always appreciated. Then you see a great open seating area and an attached atrium also with a large seating capacity including a mix of tables and banquettes. The inside is well lit and there are some great spots near the south wall, which overlook the water and let in lots of sunlight.


french-toast-bagel-crescender-smallAll I have to say is 3$ mimosas!!!!!! Yes, you read correctly, only 3$ and you can actually taste the alcohol so you know you’re not getting shortchanged. With a varied menu and the majority of the dishes being in the $10 price range, we were off to a good start. Already, two important things are looking good; we have an affordable price range and we have selection. Next comes the hard part: the taste section. But before we get into that section, let’s sit down and have a coffee, which is included and gives you free refills. The coffee is not spectacular but I can live with that.

The menu covers most of the morning staple brunch groups such as a choice of 8 omelettes ranging from $7.50-$10.75 and many of which are vegetarian friendly; a choice of 9 egg dishes ranging form $5.50 to $10.50; 6 French toasts from $7.50-$11.95; choice of 10 crepes $7.50-$10.95 and 5 options on the eggs Benedict from $9.95 to $12.95. For the heath conscious there is even the health menu ranging from simple yogourt ($2.95), to the combo fruit plate with yogourt and honey or cottage cheese which is the same except that the yogourt is subbed by cottage cheese. Both of these are priced at $10.95. As well for families, there is a kids menu with a section following a Disney theme and all priced in the $5 area.

strawberry-crepe-crescendo-smallWe felt a little adventurous with our bunch that day and we tried two things we usually do not eat. My friend had the strawberry crepe ($10.50) which was loaded with strawberries inside and out layered with custard filling. This was a very nice and sweet dish, although not overpoweringly sweet. The strawberries were fresh and they did not skimp on the custard so it was definitely filling.

I had the French toast bagel ($11.95) which is something I have always been curious about since French toast needs to be eggy to some degree and bagels usually don’t seem to soak up much of anything. I was pleasantly surprised with my selection the bagel absorbed the right amount of eggyness from the French toast mix. What I liked about this dish, also, was the fact that they cooked the bagel on a grill rather than on a frying pan and gave it a nice touch. It was filling, as it also came paired with fruit on the side and a giant yogourt bowl with honey and walnuts. This was an added bonus and all this for under $12 is a steal. Other places would easily charge about $3 more at the least considering the size of the yogourt.


Our waitress was amazing and she did a good job of describing the menu as well as the French toast which sold me in the end. She came around quite often, infact for our much needed coffee refills (we got there just around 9am)


Most items on the menu do not have any meat and there is a fruit plate option even for vegans. There are few other vegan options as well. There is also a healthy section with lots of yogourts, fruit, and cottage cheese.

Wrap up

I was very impressed by Crescendo. In fact, I was flat out surprised. I did not expect to have so many tasty options at such a good price and not to mention the great view. This is definitely a treasure of the Verdun area which is quite surprising and well-needed. If you find yourself in Verdun or if you feel up for an adventure please check out Crescendo; you will love it! Plan a nice day to go and you can make it a day by discovering the area, going for a bike ride, or whatever you feel like, since this is something you cannot easily do downtown.

5150 boulevard Lasalle
Verdun, QC H4G 3G2
(514) 766-2171??

Saturday – Sunday 8:00 a.m – 14:00 p.m.


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site NO
Debit Card YES
Kid Menu YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$ $10-$12
Overall 4/5
Wheelchair Access 2/3

Parking Lot/Street



58, 61, 37

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16 minutes

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