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Hello Everyone

Welcome to Montreal Breakfast Review.com your online listing for all Breakfast/Brunch eateries in the city of Montreal and as well some outlying areas. The purpose of this site is to allow you to see what is available in terms of venues and food options. The posts are broken down to offer initial quick overviews (the 411 and At 1st glance) followed by a more in depth review of food offerings, service, vegetarian/vegan options and then a brief wrap up gives a quick recap of the major points and some stuff that may not fall into any of the categories.

You will also see rating tables that indicates the level of wheelchair accessibility (click here for full explanation), payment options (credit, debit, cash only), if you get free refills on coffee (aka bottomless cup of coffee), price, overall ratings, hours of operations and a map for getting there.

You can navigate the site by looking at the Recent Posts section on the right, although if you want full listings and map of most brunch places in the city then click here. There are almost 100 posted items and more to come. I don’t post a review until I have photos and an in depth review. As well since I usually review on weekends I can only do a max of 2 a week. All the reviews I do are undercover, I don’t announce myself when I go so I try to have my experience be exactly the same as it would if anyone was ordering from there. I pay for all my meals out of pocket and do this blog for free. In all but two of my reviews I have never been “caught” reviewing and in those cases it happened after the food was served so it did not affect my rating of the food.

Hope you like the site and feel free to leave comments.


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