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La Recolte Brunch

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Eating healthy can sometimes be a complicated headache inducing mess, with so many options, ingredients, cooking styles, allergies, and views on what is deemed healthy, we often get lost in what healthy really is. Most recently the emphasis has focused on local, organic and responsible food. Supporting local farms, sourcing organic food produce and making responsible choices in what items used has many people talking and looking for places that do this. Many Montreal restaurants are doing this in some part with sourcing local produce, focusing on organic produce instead of some that may be genetically modified and even going as far as using certain fish so as to not contribute to overfishing. Food has an ethical component and having grown up in a family that focused on organic and healthy, this is something that is always in the back of my mind every time I take a bite. The tricky part is finding a spot that sources local organic food items and encourages eco responsibility. You have to go with word of mouth since there is no overarching organization that clearly hands out certification and you can do your research and see if the place you are eating at meets your criteria.



La Brigade Volante Interview

La Brigade Volante- Video Series

Welcome to our third installment of Montreal Breakfast Review’s video series. Today we take you to Notre Dame Street to sit down at the table of La Brigade Volante for a look at their truly unique menu and cooking philosophy


La Brigade Volante

La Brigade Volante – Organic, healthy, and tasty.


The 411

brigade-volante-exterior-smallHealthy; organic; biological; these are words you generally would not associate with brunch, but considering that the first meal of the day may be your last if you keep eating those giant mounds of bacon, then maybe looking a little closer at what you eat may be a good idea. This is why La Brigade Volante is an interesting choice. They are a catering company who, after demand from locals, opened up service to the public and have an interesting take on brunch. Not only is it healthy, it’s tasty too. With a nutritionist on staff all the meals are made with your health in mind. They use fresh fruit, lean cuts of meat and all products are biological and deal with eco-responsible suppliers and support local farmers. They also use recycled materials in their packaging and exceed the city of Montreal’s recycling quota.



Bistro Fruit Folie

Fruit Folie – Bursting with fruit

The 411

Bistro Fruits Folies OutsideSt-Denis is a street where all you need to do is walk a little bit and find a nice gem of a place to eat, and brunch is no exception to this rule. Fruits de Folie falls into this category by providing well priced food and tons of fruit on most of your plates (as the name implies). Although this is my first time coming to Fruits de Folie, I know a lot of people who have spoken about it for quite some time now, and the peer reviews all follow a similar theme of lots of fruit and very affordable. Now since I can’t disagree with those two ideals, off I went exploring.


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