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Best of 2011 Montreal Brunch Review

Happy 2012 to all. With a new year ahead of us we look back on 2011 and take a look at the state of brunch in Montreal. We look at the new spots we discovered, some dishes we remember and we look ahead to see what new discoveries await us. Before we get started, let us take a moment to remember two brunch spots that have left us this year. Sadly, we’ve lost McKiernan and Montée de Lait this year, both of which were on my list of favourite spots and had some really creative dishes that were rarely found elsewhere. Fortunately, we added some new quality places on the list this year but these two favourites will be missed.

Best New place

So, as we look back at this year’s places, we find a few spots that stood out. Now, some have been open before this year but since there are only 2 days in weekend were we can review and I only have 1 stomach, I get can’t to all the brunch spots in the city. Here are some of our top spots: Sain Bol, A Table, Vino, Lawrence, and Pyrus. Sain Bol is a new player on the scene and takes an organic and market fresh approach to its cuisine. This tiny spot offers some amazing dishes (Like their blueberry French toast) and has been visited a few times this year. A Table is brought to us by the same brilliant mind that brought us Madre – their neuvo latino culinary vision is a true pleasure to experience. Lawrence is the kitchen staff from the Sparrow which opened up a spot not even a block away. Having made waves last year, they opened early this year and have brought their signature style to Lawrence for all to enjoy.Pyrus has a refined and polished take on brunch and delivers dishes that never disappoint. Their French toast sampler makes it on my plate no matter how curious I am for other dishes. Vino is another new spot out in NDG which offers fun and tasty dishes some of which are even gluten free. Their ricotta pancake became a personal favorite in no time.

Choosing a winner is never easy but I was most impressed by Sain Bol. I have visited this place almost a half dozen times and sampled almost everything on the menu. The fact that they place an emphasis on organic and market fresh is a treat.

Best Overall

Every year this list gets longer and longer. In fact, I need to go walk outside in the cold to clear my mind since so many good spots are available, and picking a single favourite is hard. So, here are a few of my favourite spots: L’avenue, Chien Fumant, Griffintown Café, Cartet, Madre, Lemeac, Lawrence, Sain Bol, Brigade Volante and Vino. As you have read in the previous section you can see why I like Sain Bol and Vino. Brigade Volante became a favourite with its healthy take on brunch not to mention, it’s crème brullee French toast. Madre does miracles every weekend and combines latin American flavours with brunch dishes. Griffintown café serves up incredibly tasty country style dishes in a great décor. Lemeac is fine French dining applied to brunch and I still dream of its pain perdu dish. L’avenue was last years winner and for good reason – just their fruit reduction crepe alone is reason to come in and brave the lineup. Le Chien fummant has a constantly changing menu ranging from dim sum, Spanish themed brunch and classic Montreal brunch. Each trip there has a satisfaction guarantee. Lawerence has some staple dishes like its French toast that bring me back every time. Lastly, Cartet proves itself every time by giving a dish that is varied in taste and not over the top.

The winner from a distinguished list of its peers is L’avenue. Yes, back for a 2nd year in a row to maintain its crown L’avenue proves why it is favourite in many people’s minds. I mean, almost each dish on the menu is a homerun, ranging from the sucrée salée to the their omelettes and their eggs Benedict, you cannot go wrong.

Top Dishes

Now comes the yummiest part and that is some of my favourite dishes overall. These ones I have kept in no specific order:

A) Blueberry French Toast at Sain Bol
B) Ricotta pancakes at Vino
C) Strawberry, mango & kiwi crepe at L’avenue
D) Sucrée salée at L’avenue
E) French Toast at Lawrence
F) French Toast at Pyrus
G) crème brûlée French toast at Brigade Volante
H) Waffles & Pulled Pork at Chien Fummant

Ricotta Pancake at Vino

Ricotta Pancake at Vino

Sain Bol French Toast

Sain Bol French Toast

French toast at Lawrence

French toast at Lawrence

Sucrée salée at L'avenue

Sucrée salée at L’avenue

Crème brûlée French toast at Brigade Volante

Crème brûlée French toast at Brigade Volante

Crepe at L'avenue

Crepe at L’avenue

So, we hope that 2011 brought you many fine dishes and that 2012 brings you even more. As always, remember you can contact us with the contact link above and do feel free to comment on our posts and have a great 2012!!

From the merry staff at Montreal Breakfast Review!


  • Carmela Delli Colli says:

    Is service included in your special event price ( ex. Easter ) ?

    • admin says:

      HI You would need to specify which place you are asking about. We only do Brunch reviews, we are not a restaurant.

  • Moters Day says:

    Good Day,
    I’m from out of town and looking for a great Buffet/Brunch restaurant in Laval ( preferably) or Montreal. Any recommendations please? Sheraton looks great but a little to pricey for my liking.

  • Martha Lewise says:

    I agree that the creme brûlée french toast at la Brigade Volante is very very good, but the Lucha Libre benedictine eggs are to die for! Comfort food at its best! I love them and recommend them if you want a plate in a family-oriented environment.

  • Shayne says:


    I am planning a birthday brunch and was wondering if there was any good brunch spots in Montreal that have excellent food and that serve mimosas and drinks?
    Any advice would me much appreciated!

    Thanks in advanced!

    • admin says:

      I would suggest Chien Fumant, Griffintown Café, Cartet, Madre, Lemeac,

      The links are in the above post, I assume each should have mimosas although you may want to check each individually.

      I also suggest Maison publique and Birks

  • Jessica says:

    Where are the best pancakes in Montreal?

    • admin says:

      unfortunately we had some resto closings recently so the list is shrinking. L’avenue always has some tasty options, and the ricotta pancakes at Prohibition (previously called Vino) are hard to beat. Maison publique and Nouveau Palais both have and an interesting pancake sandwich if you want something less classic.

  • Roxanne says:

    We will be in Montreal at the Weston in Sept. & would like to walk to breakfast. Californian’s with healthy eating.

    • Roxanne says:

      What are your breakfast picks within walking distance near the Weston?

      • admin says:

        You can try Olive & Gourmando, Cartet, Holder. There’s a whole bunch on McGill street depending on what your are looking for but definitely in walking distance

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