Top Montreal ethnic brunch
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Top Montreal Ethnic Brunch 2014

Montreal is fortunate to have a great ethnic flavor with its various restaurants and we also have some places that have decided to take the next step and try out an ethnic brunch.

complete breakfast su

Su, (5145 Wellington St)  is a comfort food Turkish experience. The dishes are tasty and work well for brunch and it is a good reason to head out to Verdun and try it out. The portions are generous and you get authentic Turkish experience for brunch which is something that is not easy to find. The brunch is very traditional and fusion dishes are not that prevalent on the menu.

Barbounya - 234 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montreal - French Toast Brunch

Barbounya ( 234 Avenue Laurier Ouest) is another Turkish restaurant that offers brunch and is owned by the same people who own Su. The food is fancier and some dishes like their french toast are more on the brunch side of things than they are they classic traditional Turkish dish. They still keep the ingredients you would expect in a Turkish meal and make it fun. I do find their price can be high and some dishes are not as filling as some people with larger appetites would want.

Antonio Park Brunch

Park ( 378 Avenue Victoria) takes Asian influences and makes for an impressive brunch. Chef Antonio Park never ceases to disappoint when banging out one great dish after another. Some dishes have a clear traditional feel to it while others will have a more modern inspiration. All the dishes are bursting with taste and creativity.

The Winner is?????

These three are tops in my books although Park keeps us coming back and making sure we leave with our bellies full and our eyes wide open with wonder.There are other ethnic brunch spots but these three stand out, shake things up and make us realize that you can mix up ethnic food and brunch.

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