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Chipolte & Jalapeno

The 411 Over the years we have seen a more Latin inspired brunch theme with different restaurants. With what seems to be a slow but steady growth, Mexican and South American restaurants are popping up offering some really tasty food and introducing a tasty brunch option to their menus. When we heard that there was this little place in the village that was serving Mexican brunch we were excited to see what our taste buds would experience.



Dame Tartine

Dame Tartine – Classic breakfast joint with a twist

The 411

Dame Tartine is a name I have heard of for some time now as it tends to be a favourite spot for a couple of people I have met and who have contacted me. It’s not in the area I usually review, in fact, it falls between where most of my reviews tend to be so it gets missed whenever I want to review something. But, finally one day, we felt like being adventurous so Dame Tartine came on the radar and off we went.



Saloon Restaurant Supperclub

Saloon – So where do I park my horse?

The 411

saloon-exterior-smallSaloon was a name I had heard of on two occasions which made me somewhat curious. So when my friend mentioned it again to me recently I figured maybe we could all go out and check it out. The village is not an area I go too often; it’s kind of in between the east end spots I go to and the west end ones. Any chance I get to do a review a brunch spot here is always welcoming since I know there is a good amount of restaurants and each time I have gone, I have always had a good meal. During the summer they close off Ste. Catherine street to cars in the village. Normally, I would complain whenever they close streets in the summer; I mean, half the streets are under construction and now, those I can use are now closed. However, I must admit, closing this part of Saint Catherine is a good idea since there is still ample parking in surrounding areas and some of it is still free. Also, walking down Ste.Catherine on a sunny day is such a nice experience which makes easing into one’s morning brunch that much better.




100 Secrets – A secret no more


The 411

100-secrests-interior-smallIn a continued attempt to expand the geographical area of brunch reviews, I headed to the gay village in hopes of showcasing some good brunch places that people may not know about. There are some nice little restaurants in the gay village many of which are tucked away on side streets that don’t get as much attention as those in the plateau. 100 secrets is an original selection from a friend of mine who had done some serious brunch research and provided some much welcomed new locations for future reviews.(You can check out my brunch map for all locations)


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