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Dame Tartine

Dame Tartine – Classic breakfast joint with a twist

The 411

Dame Tartine is a name I have heard of for some time now as it tends to be a favourite spot for a couple of people I have met and who have contacted me. It’s not in the area I usually review, in fact, it falls between where most of my reviews tend to be so it gets missed whenever I want to review something. But, finally one day, we felt like being adventurous so Dame Tartine came on the radar and off we went.



Mildred’s Kitchen Temple

Mildred’s Kitchen Temple – Classy, Sexy, Cool

The 411

On a recent trip to Toronto, my friend brought me to this place that is apparently a hot spot for breakfast in the city. Every time I travel to Toronto and visit my friend, I always end up going to a quality spot for brunch so needless to say, I was excited. We had been drinking the night before at my friends fundraiser, and although we knocked back more than our fair share of drinks, we were still in decent enough shape to put some food into our system.


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