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The 411 Since I started doing this site, I have fallen in and out of love with Bernard street. When I first started, I felt Bernard was the place to go for brunch then as time passed I discovered new gems hidden in various neighbourhoods. Now, Bernard street was staring to get stale and some of my favourite spots were falling out of favour but some new spots opened up and started doing some interesting things and then, Bernard street started getting interesting again.



Chipolte & Jalapeno

The 411 Over the years we have seen a more Latin inspired brunch theme with different restaurants. With what seems to be a slow but steady growth, Mexican and South American restaurants are popping up offering some really tasty food and introducing a tasty brunch option to their menus. When we heard that there was this little place in the village that was serving Mexican brunch we were excited to see what our taste buds would experience.


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