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Saloon Restaurant Supperclub

Saloon – So where do I park my horse?

The 411

saloon-exterior-smallSaloon was a name I had heard of on two occasions which made me somewhat curious. So when my friend mentioned it again to me recently I figured maybe we could all go out and check it out. The village is not an area I go too often; it’s kind of in between the east end spots I go to and the west end ones. Any chance I get to do a review a brunch spot here is always welcoming since I know there is a good amount of restaurants and each time I have gone, I have always had a good meal. During the summer they close off Ste. Catherine street to cars in the village. Normally, I would complain whenever they close streets in the summer; I mean, half the streets are under construction and now, those I can use are now closed. However, I must admit, closing this part of Saint Catherine is a good idea since there is still ample parking in surrounding areas and some of it is still free. Also, walking down Ste.Catherine on a sunny day is such a nice experience which makes easing into one’s morning brunch that much better.



Burgers & Benedicts

Burgers & Benedicts – Much more than just burgers

The 411

Burgers & Benedicts MontrealFor almost one year I have had my co-worker ask me to review Burgers & Benedicts. Being one of her favourite places, I got to hear one of the best pitches for how good it was. Now, there’s two things in this world I can’t say no to; one is food; and the other is a new place to have brunch (technically they can be considered the same thing but who cares). So one day we got some co-workers together and went out check it out.


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