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Dame Tartine

Dame Tartine – Classic breakfast joint with a twist

The 411

Dame Tartine is a name I have heard of for some time now as it tends to be a favourite spot for a couple of people I have met and who have contacted me. It’s not in the area I usually review, in fact, it falls between where most of my reviews tend to be so it gets missed whenever I want to review something. But, finally one day, we felt like being adventurous so Dame Tartine came on the radar and off we went.



Le Valois

A Little East Side Love

The 411

Being someone who lives in the east end I am excited when I hear about a place that serves a good brunch located in the area, and Le Valois is no exception. Le Valois is a fancy Brasserie/Bistro on Ontario street (near Pie IX) – it seems to be part of a trend where places usually associated with more the bar/bistro scene begin offering weekend brunch menus.

At 1st glance

Le Valois is not an easy place to find, especially since there is no sign on the building and the address is missing the last digit. The only way you really know you are there is that there is this odd open space (kind of like a courtyard) with benches and surrounded by a bakery and various small shops (where they buy their food from). Now enough with the outside lets move on in and see what’s on our plate..


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