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Valentines Day Brunch 2012

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air and people start being a little extra romantic. Face it, you’re mid February, the summer is still far away and to be honest, if you forget this day the weather is not the only thing that will be frigid. I always get a few people asking me questions about where to go that would make for a nice little romantic outing. To be honest, finding a spot to start your day on a Tuesday morning is not that easy to find but there are people who will want to start the romance from the weekend so, this can be of help to you. (more…)


Valentines Day Brunch Ideas

Valentines Day – Some Montreal Brunch ideas

heart-food-smallHello all you hungry lovebirds. So it’s that time of year again, Valentines day and this year it falls on a Sunday as an added bonus, so now I feel more pressure to find some suggestions for some romantic and unique places to have brunch. Last year I did a review that covered quiet, cozy, hidden and impressive places but this year I feel like going freestyle and seeing what comes to mind. Basically, I don’t feel like being constrained (kind of like a relationship) – ok, ok my one cheap on Valentines day this year, I promise. Now, the hard thing with this review is that people’s tastes are so different and it’s hard to find the perfect fit for each couple and occasion. So, I will throw out some suggestions that I find kind of romantic based on all the different brunch spots I have been to (kind of comparing them to relationships but only the good ones).




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Valentines day is a special day. It’s that special fake holiday between New Years and Easter (I say fake because unless I get a day off it’s not a real holiday). It’s that day when couples brave the frigid temperature to come out and plan that special romantic day. Now I’m going to avoid complaining on how there are 364 other days in the year (and a bonus one on leap years), nor will I complain on how all my favourite bars and restos get taken over by couples and I can’t even find a spot – I won’t even discuss the excessive PDA’s (public display of affection). Instead, I will be constructive and list some of the most romantic brunch locations in Montreal.


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