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Valentines day is a special day. It’s that special fake holiday between New Years and Easter (I say fake because unless I get a day off it’s not a real holiday). It’s that day when couples brave the frigid temperature to come out and plan that special romantic day. Now I’m going to avoid complaining on how there are 364 other days in the year (and a bonus one on leap years), nor will I complain on how all my favourite bars and restos get taken over by couples and I can’t even find a spot – I won’t even discuss the excessive PDA’s (public display of affection). Instead, I will be constructive and list some of the most romantic brunch locations in Montreal.

Now if breakfast in bed isn’t an option there are some nice places you can go to and depending what you have in mind, one of these may fit the bill. I broke them up into a few categories, the nice quiet place where you can sit for hours and not get bothered, the teeny tiny little place that may as well be all yours, the “oh wow what an amazing place, I never knew it existed”, the slip away somewhere comfortable for a good bite, and “look at us we are so beautifully vain” (the last one is my fav since it comes with a prize).

Nice and Quiet — aka we ain’t moving for hours

Mosaik St Laurent BrunchOk so its Saturday morning and you and that special someone want a place where there’s no lineup, decent food, a comfortable seat, some nice sun pouring into the room and no pushy staff trying to force you out the door. There is one place that fits this bill and that’s Mosaik (5201 boul. St-Laurent). With it’s laid back ambiance, Mosaik allows you to sink into your day and chat over coffee and their ciabatta bread eggs benedict. There’s lots of large windows making it very well lit, the staff is really nice and you can park yourself for a while since it’s never jam packed and the staff will not force you out. Although do be conscious, if its been 5 hours and some poor soul is waiting for a table.

The teeny tiny place — may as well be your own kitchen it’s so cozy

Mckiernan insideFor those who want a small personalized place where you can hear yourself talk especially since there’s only 10 other tables in the room then Mckiernan (2485 Notre-Dame Ouest) is for you. This place is tiny, holding less than 20 people it’s a place where you can have an amazing meal and still have your own personal space. It’s also, arguably, the most romantic spot. There this tiny little nook to the right of the door that seats 2 people and has a nice window with a street side view. It is the crown jewel of amazing spots. The only down side with a place like this is that if you do not come early you will have to wait and to be honest waiting outside in mid February is not fun, so make sure to come early and don’t be a camper and stay there for hours – there’s a lineup of hungry patrons waiting to get in.

The “oh wow what an amazing place, I never knew it existed”

If you want to score browny points and really impress someone then Le Cartet(106 rue McGill) is what you are looking for. With a stunning decor, amazing food and an old port location Le Cartet has that look, feel and taste that makes it stand out and if they have never seen it before whoever you are with will be impressed. The menu items are extraordinary, the food is fresh and tasty, the decor is unique and the service is good. The thing to be careful of is that it is not a cheap 5$ breakfast, it can get full and noisy so show up early or late and this is only impressive if the person you are with does not know about it… so do your homework.

The “Let’s slip away somewhere comfortable”

If a good meal in comfortable setting for a fair price is what you are looking for, look no further than Toi Moi Cafe (244, avenue Laurier Ouest) The menu items are amazing and have an air of comfort food to them while not being drenched in bacon grease. Items like the warm apple stuffed with jam will make you feel all warm and fuzzy on a cold winter day. The decor is welcoming and makes you sink in. Also, you can’t go wrong with the price since many items are under $10 and are of good portion. Let’s not forgot their incredible coffee selection to help get the day started right. Now like all good things there’s some down side. The line can be long and February is cold, even if you make it inside you will wait. You really need to get here early. Don’t plan on staying for hours (if you don’t understand read the previous line). The 1st half of the restaurant near the door is considerably colder than the back end so unless you want to cuddle for extra body heat, be prepared.

The “Look at use we are so beautiful, please showcase us”

OK so rumor has it… well not exactly rumor since i’ve seen and experienced it… The table at L’avenue (922, avenue du Mont-Royal Est) near the front window (next to the mannequin) you know the one I’m talking about… That table is always seated by ridiculously good looking people or at least one really ridiculously good looking person and some above average looking person, but the mean average to achieve the required hotness is high. In fact, this is kind of equivalent to an amusement parks “be this tall to ride this ride” sign. Every time I have gone to L’avenue, beautiful people sit there and I once saw it empty for a good 30 minutes while a lineup was outside. Sitting at this table is impressive and to reward this I propose the Montreal challenge. If you can get a seat there this Valentines day during the breakfast/brunch rush (opening to 4pm) then I will take you out to Brunch and pick up the tab. What you will need is is a photo of you and someone else sitting there (please use the date stamp option on the camera), a bill confirming you ate there that day and submit all this to me by Feb 16 midnight. You can contact me by posting a comment below

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