Valentines Day Brunch Ideas - MONTREAL Brunch and Breakfast
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Valentines Day Brunch Ideas

Valentines Day – Some Montreal Brunch ideas

heart-food-smallHello all you hungry lovebirds. So it’s that time of year again, Valentines day and this year it falls on a Sunday as an added bonus, so now I feel more pressure to find some suggestions for some romantic and unique places to have brunch. Last year I did a review that covered quiet, cozy, hidden and impressive places but this year I feel like going freestyle and seeing what comes to mind. Basically, I don’t feel like being constrained (kind of like a relationship) – ok, ok my one cheap on Valentines day this year, I promise. Now, the hard thing with this review is that people’s tastes are so different and it’s hard to find the perfect fit for each couple and occasion. So, I will throw out some suggestions that I find kind of romantic based on all the different brunch spots I have been to (kind of comparing them to relationships but only the good ones).

Ahh, Café Entretiens, what can I say? You remind me of wonderful mornings spent listening to music with sunlight pouring in and a nice wooden décor. This place sets a great mood thanks to its live jazz and it really starts off your day in the right mood. I have been there since my initial review and the food was not the same but it’s the experience that is worth it.

Yin and Yang is the best way to describe Cantine with its two sides each rather different that the other; the main dining area is dark and makes you feel like you found a nice dark corner to be with that special someone and the café side is so bright and airy you feel like you can fly away and relax for hours as you have a really tasty brunch that has some unique aspects to it.

Crescendo reminds me of an ex with great eyes that was her best feature: not as much the colour, but the warmth. There is something special in Crescendo but its hard to describe – you just feel it, especially on a sunny day. It’s so bright and it’s in an area you would not associate with a good brunch. Their prices are fair and if they still have their $3 Mimosas so order two and get the day started early.

Figaro is like a classy Parisian, in that it doesn’t try to be too fancy, it just is. The décor is straight out of a Paris café but the menu is limited kind of like breakfast in Europe which is very different from North American breakfast. It will likely be full but just go there grab a nice coffee croissant, or even one of their two breakfast specials.

One of my favourite hidden gems is Le Coin G. All the way in the east end, you likely have never heard of it. The menu has a build your own omelette with lots of different choices. The place is rarely full and you can stay there for hours and just talk and enjoy your day. If you want someplace that is really out of the way and personal, consider Le Coin G.

Byblos is for the dark haired ethnic loves in my life. With it’s honest, unique Persian food, well lit interior and overall breathtaking experience, this place will change your view on brunch if you thought ethnic brunch could never exist. This place gets full fast and people stay for a while but if you get in you will love it, especially the tea with brunch.

Le Petit Italien is for my people. Actually, it isn’t, I just felt like saying that. I just think that if you need to pick a place on Bernard you should consider le Petit Italien. It will likely have space and the sweet menu is great. Try the panetone French toast and you will know what I mean. As well, the inside is nice with brick interior and tomato sauce jars along the walls.

Bagels Etc reminds me of some of the funky, off-the-wall people who have come into my life. The décor is great with little details and almost burlesque-like and the food is A-one. I mean, this place has some of the best brunch in the city and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. You can also find some nice dark cozy corners to get close to that special someone. Put bluntly, this place has got brunch soul.

Now comes the “oh wow your so pretty” section. This is a tough one since so many places have done a great job on décor. In fact, I would say most places in the old port offer a great interior and solid food to along with it. It’s tough to pick a best one since many of these spots are all somewhat different in their menu and décor is all nice. I mean you could go to Cartet, Vallier or Holder and be satisfied. You will likely pay a little more than you would elsewhere, and don’t expect to get beans and bacon with two sunny side up eggs but if this is what you want take a look at any of those three.

There are tons of other places you can go to and see what you are in the mood for. You can use my search bar on the top right as well as look at some of the key words in the two columns to the right to see if there is that special place to make day that much more special.

So with that in mind this Montreal Breakfast Review, aka Lone wolf, signing off.

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