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Valentines Day Brunch Ideas

Valentines Day – Some Montreal Brunch ideas

heart-food-smallHello all you hungry lovebirds. So it’s that time of year again, Valentines day and this year it falls on a Sunday as an added bonus, so now I feel more pressure to find some suggestions for some romantic and unique places to have brunch. Last year I did a review that covered quiet, cozy, hidden and impressive places but this year I feel like going freestyle and seeing what comes to mind. Basically, I don’t feel like being constrained (kind of like a relationship) – ok, ok my one cheap on Valentines day this year, I promise. Now, the hard thing with this review is that people’s tastes are so different and it’s hard to find the perfect fit for each couple and occasion. So, I will throw out some suggestions that I find kind of romantic based on all the different brunch spots I have been to (kind of comparing them to relationships but only the good ones).


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