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2008 Montreal Brunch Review

2008 A year in Brunch

The arrival of 2009 marks the completion of Montreal Breakfast and Brunch Review’s exciting first year. Although I started in in the spring of 2008 I felt it would be nice to do a recap for the year end and give an overall review to Montreal’s various brunch venues. I decided to go over all the places I reviewed this year and give some of the best in their fields. So, if you have not been to any of these I strongly suggest you do.

Best New place

Although small in size (seating less than 20) Mckiernan is a heavyweight champion in the food department. The menu items were varied, tasty, fresh and really original; the portions were large and the decor was amazing. This was a big surprise to me and I am really happy I got to add this to the list of places I have eaten brunch.



Pistou Déjeuner

A Hidden Gem

The 411

pistou-exterior-smallNot to be confused with the other restaurant called Pistou, Pistou Déjeuner, just off of Mt Royal on De La Roche is a gem of a breakfast place that serves up some awesome food at a fair price. It is one of my top 5 favourite places to go to in the city with its short waits, good food, service, and fair prices. Now since this initial review they have changed their name to Au Pain Perdue although nothing has changed to the location, or food, only the name.


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