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2008 Montreal Brunch Review

2008 A year in Brunch

The arrival of 2009 marks the completion of Montreal Breakfast and Brunch Review’s exciting first year. Although I started in in the spring of 2008 I felt it would be nice to do a recap for the year end and give an overall review to Montreal’s various brunch venues. I decided to go over all the places I reviewed this year and give some of the best in their fields. So, if you have not been to any of these I strongly suggest you do.

Best New place

Although small in size (seating less than 20) Mckiernan is a heavyweight champion in the food department. The menu items were varied, tasty, fresh and really original; the portions were large and the decor was amazing. This was a big surprise to me and I am really happy I got to add this to the list of places I have eaten brunch.



Aux Vivres

A new twist on an old Classic

The 411

Situated on St Laurent, Aux Vivres is one of the few vegan breakfast/brunch options you will find in the city.

At 1st glance

Until now no other place that has been reviewed has offered a vegan option; some places do offer vegetarian choices but that’s only because they have a fruit cup, whereas Aux Vivres gives you 100% real vegan options. Once you pass by you could almost miss it as it is a very inconspicuous location, but when you walk in it’s nice, bright and welcoming. The terrace in the back is nice and cozy with a canopy above and a small garden in the middle. (more…)

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