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Pistou Déjeuner

A Hidden Gem

The 411

pistou-exterior-smallNot to be confused with the other restaurant called Pistou, Pistou Déjeuner, just off of Mt Royal on De La Roche is a gem of a breakfast place that serves up some awesome food at a fair price. It is one of my top 5 favourite places to go to in the city with its short waits, good food, service, and fair prices. Now since this initial review they have changed their name to Au Pain Perdue although nothing has changed to the location, or food, only the name.

At 1st glance

Although sometimes there can be a small line up, don’t be scared off, it moves quite quickly and only forms later on. Once you’re inside you will see a split level setup with lots of posters and colourful tables. The menu is not too long but still offers a good choice of options.


main-plate-small The food at Pistou Déjeuner is out of this world. It has some of the best plates you will ever have in Montreal. The fruit drinks are thick and tasty; they come in kiwi, mango, orange, strawberry, and possibly blueberry (I’m not sure on the last one). Prices for drinks range from $2.75 for a small glass, $3.75 for medium and $4.75 for a large; you can also mix 2 flavours at no extra cost. The potatoes are also something that should be mentioned since they are really great. The Capryse Lysane ($10.95) is an amazing plate of pears and cheese crêpes. The crêpes are the perfect thickness and it comes with a side of syrup. pear-crepe-smallThe cheese is the perfect mix between a noticeable presence on your palate and yet not too overpowering. Next is the Humeur Du Chef ($9.95) which has a choice of a waffle, French toast , or pancake topped with a mountain of fruit and a side of syrup; the fruit offering is varied and the dish is quite tasty. The club Déjeuner ($10.95) comes with eggs, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, salad with a side of potatoes, the taste is quite good although the portion could be larger. The side order of bacon and scrambled eggs is really tasty


eggs-and-bacon-smallService is amazing, and it begins at the door, the person who comes out in case of lines is funny and welcoming, the people who seat you are quick and friendly, the coffee refill person comes frequently and is always pleasant. It’s also the only place where the bill comes at the perfect time, no need to chase anyone down, they just know when its time and they don’t rush you. One negative is that the table cleaning was not that great and it smelt of a powerful “eggy” scent, although besides that one incident the service stands out.


Although I initially though that the frittata would be the only non meat omelette, I noticed that most dishes don’t come with meat. both reviewed plates of Capryse Lysane and Humeur Du Chef do not come with any meat and many items in the menu are non meat unless you ask for it. Although if you are looking for a guarantee of no meat cross contamination or vegan friendly you may be out of luck.

Wrap up

Food and service are very good, prices are fair, free refills are a big plus, so don’t miss this opportunity and do go check it out. One Important note is that although they accept debit cards they do not do credit cards.

4489, rue de La Roche
Montréal, QC H2J 3J2
(514) 527-2900
Mon-Fri 7 AM-3PM & Sat-Sun 7am-4pm

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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards NO
Web Site YES
Debit Card YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$ <$11
Overall 4.5/5
Wheelchair Access NO 0/3



  • Parul says:

    I have been to Pistou Dejeuner a few times and fully agree with all the comments in this review. I would also like to mention that the fruit drinks are thick, delicious, and made from fresh juice and pulp on the spot. I think it is one of the best items on the menu. Also, the restaurant offers a yummy homemade jam which is very fresh and not too sweet.

  • raf says:

    It’s not on St-Roch, it’s on De La Roche.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the correction, this is a really old post of mine, in fact they changed the name to Pain Perdue (although still the same place)

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