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The 411 New York the land of Brunch! Every time we come here the is a brunch discovery awaiting us. This city that never sleeps, that is always moving seems to make the time for a weekend brunch with truly unique dishes and some liquid nutrition. This trip was no different. Last time we spent most of our days in Brooklyn but this time we did an even split between Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, the brunch was all in Brooklyn which has never let me down in terms of food options.



Pastis NYC

Pastis – Culinary Excellence in NYC

The 411

On a recent trip to New York we ran into some weather issues, and by weather issues we mean Hurricane Irene. We had some ambitious brunch exploration plans but the day before the hurricane was scheduled to make landfall, we had to make the tough decision of heading home, but not before we went for brunch on the way out. I LOVE brunch in New York especially when I get a chance to check out a spot that is well regarded in New York food circles. New York has so many options for food and there are always new spots popping up everyday so doing a foodie brunch at least once was necessary.



Egg (NYC)

Egg – Brooklyn stand up

The 411

Outside Egg Brooklyn New YorkOn a recent trip to New York we ended up staying in Brooklyn and felt the need to explore the Williamsburg area to see what there was to feed our stomach in the early morning hours. The first day my suggestion was outvoted and the majority’s choice produced a disastrous experience at a place that I refuse to review since reliving the memory will only cause me pain. Now after that experience we went to Egg on the second day and it was amazing, helping to suppress the painful memory of the morning before. (more…)

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