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The 411 New York the land of Brunch! Every time we come here the is a brunch discovery awaiting us. This city that never sleeps, that is always moving seems to make the time for a weekend brunch with truly unique dishes and some liquid nutrition. This trip was no different. Last time we spent most of our days in Brooklyn but this time we did an even split between Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, the brunch was all in Brooklyn which has never let me down in terms of food options.



Toqué Brunch Festival en Lumiere 2013

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The 411 For those who may not know, Toqué is one of the city’s most prestigious restaurants. It’s the stuff legends are made of and Normand Laprise is the man
who put it, and the Montreal food scene, on the map. Places like this do not do brunch. I stopped dreaming about brunch being on the menu here years ago, but there is one power in the city so great it can make restaurants dabble in brunch for one glorious day, and that force is Festival Montreal en Lumiere. Over the last few years I have been able to sample some specialty brunches thanks to Festival en Lumiere – places that would never serve brunch offer it for this magical event. So, when I saw that Toqué was doing brunch I had to look twice.


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