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Santa Barbara

santa barbara interior

The 411 I have wanted to go to Santa Barbara for some time now. Something about it made me curious. Situated walking distance from the Jean Talon market, Santa Barbara is in an area that, a few years ago, no one would consider going, but now people have begun exploring and moving there. One day after a morning race, exhausted, dirty and hungry, we made it to Santa Barbara.




Fabergé – New kid on the block

The 411

Faberge is a recent arrival on the brunch scene in Montreal. Situated on Fairmount street, it adds a solid brunch option to that part of the city. The surrounding areas of Fairmount offer a few brunch spots but the coverage in the area is rather spotty. People have begun talking about Faberge; there’s online chatter as well as word of mouth which is starting to spread. Considering it opened this summer, it’s nice to see some good buzz right off the bat. I usually wait a couple of weeks once a new place opens just so they can get their footing right and make all their little mistakes early on before they get into their groove.


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