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Fabergé – New kid on the block

The 411

Faberge is a recent arrival on the brunch scene in Montreal. Situated on Fairmount street, it adds a solid brunch option to that part of the city. The surrounding areas of Fairmount offer a few brunch spots but the coverage in the area is rather spotty. People have begun talking about Faberge; there’s online chatter as well as word of mouth which is starting to spread. Considering it opened this summer, it’s nice to see some good buzz right off the bat. I usually wait a couple of weeks once a new place opens just so they can get their footing right and make all their little mistakes early on before they get into their groove.

At 1st glance

faberge-interior-smallThis place needs a sign. I mean, there is one, but it’s on the door. You can technically find this place from the address and the fact that there are large windows which open in the summer. A large sign that you can see from the other side of the street would be amazing. Once you find this place, you see this nice open concept with lots of room to breathe and believe it or not, the seating capacity is about 80 people. When we went it was not too full but I know some friends who live in the area and they said that they saw it full, so I would not expect to go during peak hours and find a table for 10 waiting for you.


The menu is a two page delight that covers most of your morning cravings. They have some specialty dishes as well as some hard to find items like an Egg in a Nest/Egg in Window ($10). With the exception of four dishes, most prices are under $10 which is nice to see. They also have a kids menu which is great for those with families. The menu is broken down as follows:

  • 6 eggs dishes ($6.50-$12.00)
  • 4 eggs Benedict ($10.00-$12.00)
  • 1 make-your-own omelette ($9.00)
  • 5 breakfast sandwiches ($6.00-$10.00)
  • 3 French toast ($9.00-$11.00)
  • 3 crepes ($8.00-$10.00)
  • 3 waffles ($9.00-$10.00)
  • 3 pancakes ($9.00-$10.00)
  • 3 Fruit options ($6.00-$16.00)
  • 4 Kids menu items ($4.25)
  • 8 juices ($1.99-$5.99)
  • Each of the meals we chose came with coffee and free refills giving you that extra bang for your buck. The tables are set without any brown sugar but if you ask them for it, they will bring some in a bowl. It’s the real kind of brown sugar since the feel and consistency is familiar to some that I have from Jamaica. I should note that when another table ordered some brown sugar they had to take our bowl and share it with them. I figured they just ran out and had to use a bowl. I also was able to get a smoothie ($4.00) which was not on the menu. The smoothie changes based on what fruit they have in the kitchen. The price was pretty good for a smoothie and the size was generous; although, the taste was more of a mix of fruit juices than that classic thick smoothie taste and consistency (yes, thickness can have a taste). I think all it needed was more yogourt in the mix.

    faberge-delight-smallAs for the food, I started off with the Faberge delight ($10.00) which is two cinnamon danishes in a French toast batter topped with loads of fruit. This is a nice creation as the danish style French toast is a fun dish to order. The danish was filling and the French toast batter was not that pronounced and the danish worked perfectly on its own, so why mess with a good thing. The fruit topping was also a nice idea since you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. I can see how this is one of their featured dishes as it is fun, tasty, well priced, and filling.

    faberge-apple-crepe-small1The Apple crepe ($10.00) is an enormous crepe jammed with apples and topped with powdered sugar. The dish is larger than it looks and jammed packed with apples, it’s a great deal at $10. The taste is good; although, if they would try to add some caramelized apples in a liquid filling or topping, it would give it that little extra kick.

    faberge-omelette-smallThe omelette ($9.00) comes with 3 choices of spinach, caramelized onions, peppers, bacon, sausage, ham, cheddar, cream cheese, feta, mushrooms, tomatoes or salsa. You can pay $2.00 extra for eggs whites and every extra ingredient above the defaulted 3 will cost you $1 each. My friend had the spinach, mushroom and cheddar cheese. The size was quite good and it came with a side of potatoes which were very tasty. One issue was that although the cheese was well infused into the omelette,I could still see the slice definition. I prefer have it be hidden in the omelette and melted in. This is also just me being picky and it did not take anything away from the dish which was very tasty.

    faberge-eggs-benedict-mediterranean-smallLastly, the Mediterranean eggs benedict ($9.00)is a very unique dish that I have not seen before. It’s two poached eggs on a bed of spinach and feta topped with hollandaise sauce on top of phyllo pastry. The dish came with a fruit bowl which was fresh and tasty potatoes. This dish was the superstar of the table. Whoever came up with this dish has done something very good for the world. I would have never thought of a phyllo dough base for an eggs Benedict but it is an amazing concept and helps combine two things I love: Greek food and brunch. The spinach was fresh and tasty, the eggs were perfectly poached and the hollandaise sauce was just right in both taste and thickness. I did not really notice the feta but maybe it’s better that it was not pronounced since it is quite a strong flavour and would have likely overpowered the dish.


    Our waiter was amazing! He was cheery, polite and checked up on us often. He even left a coffee carafe on our table which made me very happy. At one point one of us wanted some brown sugar and he brought us a bowl of real brown sugar. He advised us of off-menu items like the smoothie and did all of this with a smile. This has been some of the best service I have had in a very long time.


    More than half of the menu is vegetarian friendly and they also have healthy fruit section with three options. The vegetarian options are varied so you have choice but vegan options are limited to the fruit cup.

    Wrap up

    I was very impressed by Faberge. The price, taste, service and selection made for a wonderful brunch. I like the fact that you can get a well priced brunch spot in this area which has all your morning classics. Considering that this area has some fancier and pricier places, it’s nice to have an affordable classic spot with some creative items on the menu. I cannot stress enough on how great our waiter was and he made our brunch experience that much better.

    25, Fairmount Ouest
    Montreal Qc, H2T-2L9
    (514) 903 6649

    Mon-Friday 7:00am- 3:00pm
    Saturday-Saturday 8:00am – 4:00pm


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu YES
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$ $10-$12
    Overall 4/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

    Parking Meter & Street




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    3 minutes

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    • Amanda says:

      Really like Faberge. Great neighbourhood and restaurant. Very friendy staff, family run. Recommend the Rustic Benedict and the egg in the hole.

    • Matt says:

      I have never in my life had such terrible service, or encountered a chef with as little pride in his food or respect for the customer in my life.
      My girlfriend and I visited on Sunday morning, and encountered loud clubbing music being played by a DJ sitting in the corner. The music was obnoxiously loud, and after being asked to take a seat in the “lounge”, we contemplated leaving because of how gaudy and tacky the place was. We decided to stay because we were hungry and had already fed the meter.
      We were seated at a table for two that was literally glued to our neighbors on both sides, whenever anyone got up, their butt was literally on the plates of the other table, that’s how tight it was.
      Not only did the waitress take a ridiculously long time to take our order, but our coffee and juice came only after hounding the waitress 2 times. After ordering, we sat and waited, watching all of the food come and go from the pass line.
      We watched a Bagel sandwich go from the pass, to a table (which was not what the patron had ordered) and after he checked it out, he sent it back where it sat on the pass for about ten-fifteen minutes, then was served to my girlfriend along with what I had ordered, one of their signature dishes which was missing the French toast accompaniment (half the dish).
      When my girlfriends Bagel arrived it had bacon on it, when she specifically ordered it without the bacon, because she is a vegetarian, so we sent it back. The bagel then came back a few minutes later, but the chef had simply scraped off the bacon from the same bagel, put another slice of cheese to hide the bacon grease, however there was still bacon all over the side dishes.
      We sent it back again, and it returned, the same plate, the same bagel (with the bacon grease), and the chef had just decided that scrapping off the food that had pieces of bacon on it was a good idea. The plate came back, with about a third of the food, and freezing cold as it was cooked over 30 minutes ago to be served to another table.
      Meanwhile, I still had not received the half of my dish that was missing. At this point, we had enough and were ready to leave, so I asked for the bill even though nothing was eaten, and they actually charged me for my dish, and left out the bagel.
      When speaking with the manager, he didn’t even look me in the eye, and spoke down to me as if he thought what the chef had done was acceptable. He refused to admit to any wrong doings on the restaurants part, and tried to change the subject by asking how my meal was. Other than the fact that it was cold, that I only received half of it, and I ate only two bites, it was mediocre, poorly cooked and under-seasoned.
      All in all, they tried to feed us food that had been man handled by a customer, sat on the pass for over 10 minutes, then tried to feed bacon to my vegetarian girlfriend 3 times, and never brought me my food. The management ended by saying I hope next time it will be better… like we will ever be back.

      • Annik says:

        I went to Faberge ONCE with a friend and we were both very disappointed in our dishes.

        I had the Salmon and cream cheese bagel served with fruit. This was the WORST I ever tasted. How can they mess up a bagel dish when the restaurant is soooo close to Fairmount bagel??? Fabergé bagels should be fresh but they’re not. The salmon was dry and the cream cheese was hard and looked old.The fruit that came with it wasn’t fresh at all either. The service was not good.

        I would not recommend this place to anyone and of course, my friend and I won’t go back.

    • Milender by nature says:

      U guys are really bad at breakfast and dj’ing for that matter seriously reconsider ur future and get ur own ideas plz………………..

    • JL says:

      Brought a group of friends here for breakfast on a Wednesday morning. I ate the steak n’ eggs. It was the best I have had!

    • Richard Nery says:

      This place was awful, the waitres was dressed like a hooker and only filled our coffee 8 times. We ordered the bagels and they arrived on an ice cube tray!! seriously, WTF!? they said they were out of plates. The the DJ who was blasting Black Sabbath at 10 in the morning started flirting with my mother Blossum…SHE’s 80 YEARS OLD FOR GOD’S SAKE!! Never going back there.

    • Davee says:

      Really enjoyed myself at fabergé. Friend and I popped in for a quick bite and from start to end the vibe was just right. Our waitress was jovial, patient and super attentive and the food was great. I opted for the breakfast poutine which might sound off putting but was fresh and not as heavy as it sounds (served with hollondaise sauce, caramelized onions and peppers, and a poached egg, all over roast potatoes with a perfect amount of cheese).
      Sorry that others had a bad experience, but mine was great and ill be back soon.

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