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Micro Resto La Famille

la famile micro resto exteriorThe 411 One morning we decided to try out Micro Resto La Famille. What is a micro resto you may ask? Well, walk in and you will see it’s an incredibly tiny restaurant with space for 10 people maximum (and that’s being creative). Now, at Montreal Breakfast Review, we have a policy that no matter how large or small or far, we will eat there. (more…)


Maison Publique

The 411 Lots of buzz has been building over the last little while with the opening of Maison publique – a project coming from a team of famed Montreal Chef Derek Dammann (who brought us DNA) and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The concept is a British gastro pub which, although may make one think of a dingy pub, is intended to be a more laid back resto with a pub style feel to it. With all these new openings we always have to revert to divine intervention in order to have them offer brunch on the menu, but we were blessed by these culinary heavyweights and they do offer a weekend brunch so all of us brunch lovers can get a chance to sample a brunch inspired by this new Montreal concept .


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