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Micro Resto La Famille

la famile micro resto exteriorThe 411 One morning we decided to try out Micro Resto La Famille. What is a micro resto you may ask? Well, walk in and you will see it’s an incredibly tiny restaurant with space for 10 people maximum (and that’s being creative). Now, at Montreal Breakfast Review, we have a policy that no matter how large or small or far, we will eat there.

la famile micro resto interiorAt 1st glance When you walk up to Micro Resto La Famille, you notice a nice terrace in the summer with 18 seats outside. Since summer is long gone this extra seating area will not be around by the time you go there. Once you walk in there’s a few seats on your right at a countertop facing the window and spots on your left facing the stove and the other kitchen.

Food The menu is on a chalkboard above the kitchen. Most main dishes will come in at $15 all prices include taxes, so that’s a nice treat. The menu was short with 7 mains when we went with a half-dozen pastry options from $2-$5. There is an option for cider and wine at $6 & $10, smoothies at $3.50-$6.50. Coffee is $2.75 and does not come with refills.

The menu we had was an Indian summer menu so expect some items to change by the time you go there. That being said, here is the breakdown of what we had:

  • Granola and Yogourt: $6
  • Biscuits: $12
  • Toast and mushroom with egg: $14
  • Bacon slab egg in squash soup: $15
  • Croissant and sausage: $15
  • Duck bouillon, vegetables and eggs: $18
  • Brioche with duck and egg: $20
  • la famile micro resto yogourtWe were famished so decided to have some granola and yogourt ($6) to start. The portion was quite fair with granola, varied dried fruits and thin apple slices. One of the highlights of the fruit selection was that they had fig which you almost never seen on a morning dish. This adds a nice touch and although it may not fill you up on its own, it is a nice way to start your meal, or share with someone since the portion isn’t too small.

    la famile micro resto drinkThe smoothie was also a must to kick start our brunch. It had pineapple, strawberry and basil. Now, basil is an odd ingredient to put in a smoothie but the strawberry overpowers it and leave just a hint which is actually quite refreshing.

    micro resto la famile pork dishOur main courses was the bacon slab squash soup with an egg ($15). For this meal, when they say bacon slab, they mean it. This was a large chunk of meat in the soup and the soup was much more filling than expected which was, in part, due to the bacon slab.

    duck dishI had the Brioche with duck and egg ($20). This is a duck leg on top of brioche bread with spaghetti squash and anchovy cream. The price is quite high but you have to keep in mind that duck is never cheap. This dish is incredibly tasty – everything from the duck, the bread and the cream was spot on and I polished this plate only leaving the bones. This also looks like one of the more filling dishes on the menu since we eyeballed the other dishes coming out.


    Our waitress was helpful although I felt I had to do some yoga backbends to ensure that the dishes served to me wouldn’t hit me. We sat in a corner seat and it’s tight. This place is tiny and they do miracles with the space, but moving every time a dish or drink comes means I was sitting in the wrong spot.


    You may end up with one, maybe two, vegetarian options – depending on what the menu looks like when you go. Many dishes had meat in them but you can maybe ask them to sub something. Just keep in mind it’s a short menu to begin with.

    Wrap up

    I liked Micro Resto la famille. It’s small, cute and the dishes were tasty. The fact that taxes are included in the price makes it look rather good, do keep in mind coffee is extra but a great deal on the whole. The portion sizes are not enormous so if you are famished you may need to get a little something extra which will drive your price up. Also, with the capacity of 10 people max, it makes getting a spot tricky – that will a mix of luck or ability to wait for a spot to open. I do need to stress that the food is delicious, the presentation is impressive and I would go back again.

    418 Rue Gilford
    Montreal Qc,
    H2J 1N2
    (514) 508-8700
    Tue-Fri 7:00-12:00
    Sat 9:00-16:00


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee NO
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site NO
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$$$ $15-$20
    Overall 4.5/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

    Parking Meter & Street



    47, 51, 427, 361, 30, 46

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    • Dahlia says:

      Wow this place looks awesome! I will definitely have to check that out.

      Also, I LOVE basil in drinks and smoothies. Such a great touch.

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