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Aux Vivres

A new twist on an old Classic

The 411

Situated on St Laurent, Aux Vivres is one of the few vegan breakfast/brunch options you will find in the city.

At 1st glance

Until now no other place that has been reviewed has offered a vegan option; some places do offer vegetarian choices but that’s only because they have a fruit cup, whereas Aux Vivres gives you 100% real vegan options. Once you pass by you could almost miss it as it is a very inconspicuous location, but when you walk in it’s nice, bright and welcoming. The terrace in the back is nice and cozy with a canopy above and a small garden in the middle.


The brunch menu offers 2 meal items: the Complet ($9.00) and the Polenta plate ($9.00). The Complet consists of a tofu scramble (really amazing), tempeh bacon (doesn’t really taste like bacon but is bursting with flavour), salad, corn bread and a complimentary coffee or chai. The polenta comes with, you guessed it polenta (corn meal bread), black refried beans, guacamole, salsa and salad. Like the Complet, it also comes with a complimentary coffee or chai. The guacamole is really tasty and the polenta is not too heavy. As well there are some tasty smoothies to try with 6 choices priced at $4.00 for 12oz and $5.50 for a 16oz. I tried La Vie En Rose which consists of banana, soy coconut milk blend, berries, orange juice, flax protein and organic sugar. The taste was great and the consistency was uniform. The Choco Classique peaked my interest with its soy milk, dates, coconut milk, and flax protein; I did not get a chance to try it but next time I definitely will. The fresh juices are well priced at $4.00 for 8oz and $5.50 for 12oz. You should also try the ginger tonic as it’s a great pick me up. The price tag of $9.00 for a plate and $4-5.50 for a drink is quite cheap and you fill up on it as well.

The Complet is comprised of a tofu scramble (really amazing), tempeh bacon (doesn’t really taste like bacon but is bursting with flavour),salad, corn bread and a complementary coffee or chai.


Service is good; our waitress was very helpful and responsive to my questions, although there was a disproportionate ratio of patrons to staff so at the end we were waiting for our bill, but really not that big a deal.


For once I get to really use this section. They do vegan dishes and are 100% vegetarian and then some.

Wrap up

The tofu scramble is amazing and it tastes better than scrambled eggs; the drinks are good and the price is just right. I would like the menu to offer more breakfast choice, but I enjoyed my 1st vegan brunch.

4631 St–Laurent
Montréal, QC H2T 1R2
(514) 842-3479

Sat- Sun 11:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M.

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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site NO
Debit Card YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$ <$10
Overall 3.5/5
Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

Polenta plate ($9.00)

Complet plate ($9.00)

Vie En Rose ($5.50)

Ginger Tonic



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  • Joseph says:

    I wanted to have breakfast over there this Saturday with a group of friends and when we arrived at 10:45 am they told me that they open at 11 am. It was freezing and we asked if we could wait until 11 am they turned us away saying “we have lots of things to do, so no”.

    Service is extremely important for me and I would not eat there or recommend it if they don’t care about their customers.

    • David says:

      Although our experience was not outside business hours, we non the less had to wait at least 20 minutes for a cup tea, which we had ordered at the same time as our plates.

      Ordering was another issue. Since we are not vegan and it was the first time for us seeing this type of menu, we had lots of questions. The server made it a point to make us feel stupid for having to ask and when my girlfriend had one too many questions he answer very rudely and left the table without even asking if she wanted what she had asked about.

      Our plates came within the expected time so at least there is that.

      Another issue i had is hat TIP is based on service. Due to the lack of service i left a less than nice TIP. I was quickly asked and let know that it was not the thing to do.

      As I always say. If you don’t want to serve why be a server?

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