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La Brigade Volante

La Brigade Volante – Organic, healthy, and tasty.


The 411

brigade-volante-exterior-smallHealthy; organic; biological; these are words you generally would not associate with brunch, but considering that the first meal of the day may be your last if you keep eating those giant mounds of bacon, then maybe looking a little closer at what you eat may be a good idea. This is why La Brigade Volante is an interesting choice. They are a catering company who, after demand from locals, opened up service to the public and have an interesting take on brunch. Not only is it healthy, it’s tasty too. With a nutritionist on staff all the meals are made with your health in mind. They use fresh fruit, lean cuts of meat and all products are biological and deal with eco-responsible suppliers and support local farmers. They also use recycled materials in their packaging and exceed the city of Montreal’s recycling quota.

At 1st glance

brigade-volante-smoothie-smallWith its large terrace on the side and colourful sign La Brigade Volante welcomes you with a smile -in the literal sense. The owners face is on the sign and he has this nice big smile on his face. And why wouldn’t he, he is doing something truly unique. The main area has well spaced seating and a washroom downstairs. There is a cash and counter where you can buy a bunch of pre-made food for home. The terrace upstairs is pretty large and is nice on a sunny day. There is also an awning which you can adjust in various sections so you can control the amount of sun and shade you want.


The menu is a short two-pager chalked full of tasty, healthy and local organic food. The menu breakdown is as follows:

  • 2 smoothies ($3.75)
  • 5 egg options ($4.99-$11.95)
  • 2 fruit options ($7.95-$10.95)
  • 4 french toast options ($6.95-$9.95)
  • 6 omelettes (3 eggs) ($6.95-$10.95)
  • 7 specials ($9.95-$11.95)
  • brigade-volante-croque-madame-smallI started off with a mango smoothie ($3.75) which was actually mango with orange but I mostly just tasted the mango. This is a welcome change since the last few places I have ordered mango smoothies I was disappointed. This time, I ordered mango and I got mango and it was SPECTACULAR. I also had a coffee which was really good… but the smoothie once again spectacular.

    brigade-volante-eggs-benedict-smallMy friend ordered the Croque Madame ($9.95) which was bread, Swiss cheese, ham, béchamel sauce and an egg sunny side up. This dish tasted really good and it even had a hint of mustard which I did not expect. It came with a side of potatoes and fruit. The potatoes were good and the fruit was fresh but I would have liked some more varied fruit as well as a little more of it. The cheese taste was also well balanced and paired nicely with the egg on top.

    brigade-volante-french-toast-smallThe Bagel version brigade ($11.95) is a bagel, poached egg, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, fresh cream, herbs and onions. The smoked salmon was generous and the hollandaise sauce was a stand out star. The sauce had a nice consistency and was not too thick or overpowering. The dish came with a side of potatoes and fruit similar to the previous one.

    marshmellow-french-toast-smallLastly came the Crème Brulée French toast ($9.95) which literally is a french toast in a kind of crème brulée type batter topped with fried bananas. Although this dish may seem odd, it was great. Whoever thought that you could combine crème brulée and French toast? This dish was sweet, filling and out of this world. I was worried it would be a gamble and would be too sweet but it satisfied my curiosity and it was really filling. The fried bananas was a really nice touch. This dish came as two thick slices and it was well coated. I really suggest this dish, more so if you like a little something sweet in your brunch.


    Our service was OK. The waiter forgot to get the baby seat and had to be reminded and at some point was difficult to get. I think he was in the moon that day or they were short staffed. The kitchen service was speedy and we chatted with the owner who was really nice and informative on what they do.


    The menu is well balanced with almost half of it vegetarian friendly as well as a healthy fruit section which could be a viable vegan option.

    Wrap up

    I fell in love with La Brigade Volante. From the food, the terrace, the coffee and the smoothies right down to the food/cooking philosophy, I enjoyed this experience. Responsible healthy cooking while still supporting local and organic producers and a commitment to recycling and the environment is not something easily accomplished. I think the city can use more places like this. If you want to try something different and healthy, La Brigade Volante should be your next stop.

    1414 Notre-Dame Ouest
    Montreal Qc H3C 1K8
    (514) 564-3900

    Sat-Sunday 9:00am – 15:00pm


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$ $8-$10
    Overall 4/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

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    • Strawberry says:

      Everything sounds so good!

    • Jerry says:

      Where to start? Ice cream toped blueberries pancakes,expertly poached eggs, Lucha libre omelettes, cause the chef likes Mexican wrestling we were told… and home made organic jams and cretons so authentic that I wanted to call my mom to tell her I much it reminded me of my childhood breackfasts. The owner opened The brigade volante first as a catering venue, but the customers were asking for more so in May they decided to offer A dinner and brunch menu that ranges from dirt cheap tasty delights like the soup and sandwich deal and salads to pricier items such as stuffed crepes and eggs benny or Florentine and many others. But back to the soup and sandwich. Every day the feature items change. Soups you may come across are Carrot & Ginger Soup, Tomato Fennel Soup, or even the hearty Potato & Leek Soup. Match that up with your choice from a huge selection of sandwich specials ranging from the Apple Cheddar Sandwich (my fave!) to organic Poached Chicken with Ancho pepper . Unlike next door restaurent’s on Notre Dame you won’t find the Campbell’s chicken noodle that was yesterday’s special is STILL today’s (and tomorrow’s)… no no… Soups are made daily and from scratch in house. Don’t be surprised if they are “out” of a particular item on busy days.. once the batch is through, it’s through.. no frozen bags to nuke around here. Speaking of frozen bag, you got to tried there offering of take out products, Home made smoked Salmon with tequila, there curries, butteres chicken dish and so on. The boutique section is to die for too did I mention that they sell home made Maccarons? Hummmm

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