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Olive et Gourmando

Olive et Gourmando – A truly amazing treat

The 411

olive-et-gourmando-breakfast-exterior-smallThere is a spot in the Old Port where people willingly line up, no matter the weather or time of day, just to get a chance to sit down and eat the food at Olive & Gourmando. I had been once before just to grab some food to go, but never had an actual meal here. It is a place that has a loyal following and people know of it mainly by word of mouth since online resources for this places are scarce, which is cool, since it’s kind of like a little secret. So, when my friend took me here for my birthday treat, you can imagine how happy I was to finally get to check it out.



Le Cagibi

Le Cagibi – A Vegan adventure

The 411

Cagibi Montreal Brunch OutsideOne of the greatest challenges I come across while reviewing places is offering reviews on the vegetarian options, and in particular, the vegan options. Although personally I’m neither a vegetarian or vegan, I can see how difficult it can be to go out and find someplace to eat that offers something vegetarian/vegan on the menu. Things have come a long way in the last 30 plus years when you would have a hard time finding a menu item without meat in it. Many of the places I’ve gone too have some vegetarian menu items and they taste amazing. This is an easy thing to do when you deal with eggs, waffles, pancakes. Now vegan is another issue; it’s hard to find vegan items on a menu and often an item will be almost vegan if it was not for one small thing in it. I usually end up looking for fruit cups on the menu, which although are great and tasty, they aren’t really impressive. So all this to say, when we decided to go to Cagibi I was excited to find and review another place with not only vegetarian options but with vegan options as well (other than a fruit cup). So now that the stage is set lets take a closer look and see what we have on our plate.


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