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Cafe Eldorado

Cafe Eldorado – The return to Mt Royal

The 411

On Mount-Royal, there lies a spot I have been passing by for years but have never eaten brunch there. I’m not really sure why. I don’t go eat on Mount Royal as often as I used to since I now explore new areas; although the street is jammed with some decent spots to feed your morning appetite. Eldorado is a place you notice as you walk down Mount Royal, especially in the summer when the street comes alive with terraces and restaurants open up those large front windows.



La Cantine – CLOSED

La Cantine – Not your ordinary brunch spot

The 411

la-cantine-montreal-exterior-smallOnce an a while I will do a brunch double header which is an early morning breakfast/brunch and a later brunch that same day. This is usually on account of my schedule being out of hand and a deep love for all forms of breakfast and brunch related foods. So this Saturday was one of those days where I went early in the morning with a group of friends then later on went to catch up with a friend of mine over brunch. So, we were in the mood for something not too traditional, maybe a little light or even out of the ordinary, so a heaping plates of eggs and bacon was not on my mind since I already had some in my stomach. Now after going through a couple options, Cantine seemed interesting – it’s menu looked non traditional, the décor was nice and it was close by. Oh yeah, also, I found parking in walking distance so that made the decision that much easier.


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