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Boite Gourmande

Boite Gourmande – A kid friendly brunch spot

The 411

boite-gourmande-smallRight under the Bikram yoga studio on Laurier is this bustling little place called La Boite Gourmande. This place is similar to it’s hot yoga neighbour in that it’s always full of people, without the 45 degrees of heat. La Boite Gourmade has always perplexed me. I keep passing by it and always wanted to go and check it out. This day, it just happened as we ended up wanting do something on Laurier street and I figured I could finally check this little spot out.



Deli Joe

Deli Joe – Little Italy has a brunch spot

The 411

deli-joe-exterior-smallIn Little Italy, right nearby Jean Talon market is an area that lacks in brunch spots. There used to be one that I loved years ago but sadly it closed down. The area is so nice and in the summer it’s the perfect way to spend the afternoon; grabbing a bite then going in to peruse the goods of the Jean Talon market. To my knowledge there is only one spot that serves brunch in the area and that is Deli Joe with its breakfast/brunch service everyday from 6 am to 3pm. You can go there any time and fill your stomach for a day of adventure in the Jean Talon market.


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