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Le Jurancon

Le Jurancon – A Marseille inspired brunch

The 411

Fine French dining meets brunch – often a pairing you don’t see on a regular basis. Interestingly, brunch is not native to France and although there are more and more spots that offer brunch nowadays you would not associate it with a small little French bistro. So, when I heard that Le Jurancon was offering brunch, I was quite curious. How would it pair French dining with brunch? What ingredients and what surprises would we be in store for, and how is it that a French restaurant finds itself in the eastern part of the city? This and many more we hope to answer as well give you some idea of what Le Jurancon has to offer.




Rumi – An out of this world experience

The 411

rumi-outremont-exterior-smallBrunch comes in all shapes and sizes, or tastes and flavours in this case. Anywhere you go in Montreal you can get a brunch ranging from a classic eggs and bacon place, to a bar that does bistro style brunches or even restaurants that make their brunch with an ethnic inspiration. Rumi is the latter in this category. Rumi is already a popular restaurant on Hutchison that you should go check out for dinner if you ever get a chance as it is one of my personal favorites. To describe the cuisine is not easy, its a mix of North African, Persian and Turkish and its 100% yummy.




Persian Delight on Laurier

The 411

Nestled on Laurier close to Papineau, Byblos is a trip to another place and time. Serving up some amazing Persian dishes, Byblos offers great food with an equally great decor.

At 1st glance

Although the outside is quite nice and is rather unique I keep almost missing it every time I go by, but once you walk in you will be taken aback by how amazing the inside is. It’s not a modern interior but rather a Persian style place with nice wood doors, a bookshelf with books in it that you can grab and read as well as amazingly decorated walls, banquets and pictures on the wall that take your breath away. If you require wheelchair access this is one of the few places downtown that has it; there is an entrance on the side of the building (the front has a small lip) and the washroom are wheelchair accessible as well. (more…)

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