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Often we find ourselves rushing off to work in the morning without the time to eat a real breakfast. I myself value those extra few minutes of sleep, as opposed to sitting down and spending that time fueling up for the rest of the day, so the concept of a real breakfast on the go seemed like an interesting idea so I went off to see how it worked.

At 1st glance

Once you walk in you notice you are a half floor up from the street level, giving you an excellent vantage point for people watching if you wish to sit down and eat. Both the east and west wall have a mural of a black and white photograph of what De Maisoneuve would look like if there was no wall blocking the view. It’s pretty cool and if you look at the west wall you can see a photoshoped license plate with the resto’s name on it. Wrapcity is in essence both a sit down and a to go concept; they also have digital menu boards at the counter with the menu displayed on 3 LCD’s as well as 3 LCD’s on the east and west side showing TV programs.


Wrapcity, as you can tell by the name, does wraps. I never thought you could pull having wraps for breakfast and have it taste good. The menu is the same if you sit down to eat or if you take it to go. There are 9 breakfast wrap options and they make for a good on the go meal. The smoked salmon ($8.95) was my personal favourite; I found it filling and fresh. The 3 cheese wrap ($5.95) comes with scrambled eggs, Swiss, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. The BLT ($5.95) is a classic: scrambled eggs, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Out of these 3 the smoked salmon is the most filling. The actual wrap itself comes as a choice of whole wheat or white; the food actually stays well contained in the wrap which was something I was worried of initially. There are also yogourt and fruit cups ($3.95) in the fridge section as well as options on drinks, smoothies ($3.95) and frappes ($4.25). The frappe was quite good although I did not have a chance to have the smoothies.


Service wasn’t an issue since this is mostly a take out place, although they did do a good job of explaining the menu options and let me have a free refill on coffee even though its 1 cup ($2.25) with no free refills.


Of the 9 wraps on the menu 4 had a meat item in it, 1 had fish and the remaining 4 were veg. If, however you are vegan you are out of luck.

Wrap up

The on the go concept is a smart idea and sitting down was actually nice. The decor is nice and the food is good, though I strongly suggest the smoked salmon as it is more filling. One drawback is that since it’s based on a on the go concept they don’t offer any sides along with the sit down meals.

1201 boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest

Montreal, QC H3A 1N6

(514) 286-9727

Mon-Sun 7 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site YES
Debit Card YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES


Price $$ <$10
Overall 3/5
Wheelchair Access NO 0/3



Smoked salmon ($8.95)

3 cheese wrap ($5.95)

BLT ($5.95)

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  • Symon says:


    What can i say other than this place is the bomb! I ate here back in summer of 08 (it seems like just last summer -lol).

    The decor is inspiring, and very modern. The owners make great use of state-of-the-art digital signage to promote their menu.

    I sampled a couple variations of their wraps, and salads in a cup, and i was impressed.

    They even went as far as inventing their own circular wrap press, which nicely shapes the wraps, adds a nice crust (so to speak), and brands their logo into your wrap..

    I will certainly go here next time i’m in Moon-real. 🙂


    Come on Bert, you better post this. 😉

  • Sophie says:

    Loved this place.

    I was looking for a nice breakfast to go before work – and VanHoutte, Tim Hortons would not be right for the occasion. Love the wraps. Love the fact they have their logo printed on them. Fine the staff is not the chattiest but service was quick, food was good coffee was amazing.

    I will definitely go back for more 🙂

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