Tripes and Caviar Verdun Brunch
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Tripes and Caviar Verdun Brunch (CLOSED)

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tripes and caviar montreal brunch exterior

So a little back story: a little over a year ago, I was in a bar in Tokyo having drinks and overheard someone talking with a distinct Quebec accent. It turns out that that accent belonged to a Montrealer doing a pilgrimage to various bars and restaurants in Japan. When we got to talking of favourite places and he mentioned how he knew the people over at Tripes and Caviar and they were doing some creative stuff there. So, although a year later, we decided to check it out.

tripes and caviar montreal brunch terrace

Tripes and Caviar is in Verdun and there aren’t too many brunch spots in Verdun and few funky creative ones west of Park street in Montreal. They have 3 large tables on their outside terrace, ample seating inside and even a wheelchair accessible washroom.

tripes and caviar montreal brunch cofeeFood The brunch menu will change slightly with items being swapped or ingredients substituted based on inspiration or availability. Most dishes are in the $14-$15 range with the first coffee being free. All the dishes come with potatoes and fruit.

  • Orange juice: $4
  • Mimosa: $5
  • Bloody Caesar: $13
  • 2 egg & porchetta dish: $14
  • Waffles Banana Nutella: $15
  • Huevos & Octopus: $16
  • Raisin bread French toast: $14
  • Catfish and potatoes: $15
  • Hangover Poutine with foie gras: $15
  • Eggs Benedict: $16
  • Pork chop: $19
  • Philly cheese tongue sandwich: $13
  • tripes and caviar montreal brunch bloody caesar

    We started off with drinks: an orange juice ($4), a coffee and a bloody Caesar ($13). The bloody Caesar was loaded with olives. oysters, a clam and cured sausage. This is an incredibly dressed up bloody Caesar. The toppings are very impressive and they are above and beyond most brunch Caesars you will get. I should note that since a bloody Caesar uses clamato juice, the taste is already complex and this would likely work better as a bloody mary where they can really get creative with taste modification. This, however, is a bigger issue of the bloody Caesar vs bloody Mary debate and Montreal is a bloody Caesar city.

    tripes and caviar montreal brunch juice

    tripes and caviar montreal brunch eggs and porchetta

    We started up with the Balconville ($14) which is 2 eggs, pork flank, porchetta and brioche. This dish was impressive. The meat items were varied and generous. Although, I would not say it is a meaty dish as it is more varied and full of complimentary flavours making for a filling and tasty dish instead.

    tripes and caviar montreal brunch potatoes and catfish

    The patatas bravas and catfish ($15) is an odd sounding dish. With tomato sauce, spices, aioli parmesan and eggs this is truly unique dish and the use of catfish is a first in my books. This is a bold step and makes for a creative brunch selection. This dish is incredibly filling thanks to the potatoes and egg and the fish offers a complexity in taste that you will not regret.

    tripes and caviar montreal brunch briche benedict

    With a hankering for an eggs Benedict, we gravitated to the Bene du castle ($16) which had your classic poached egg but with a twist being served on top of a raisin bread and a pork sausage in between. The raisin bread was thick and a nice twist on the eggs Benedict. The eggs were not overwhelmed with the sauce. The sausage did not win me over and I would have liked it prepared a little differently although, this is clearly a dish you will fill up on especially since it comes with potatoes and the plate itself is quite full.

    tripes and caviar montreal brunch eggs and octopus

    Lastly the Huevos con polpo ($16) is another interesting creation and the team at Tripes at Caviar somehow manages to take grilled octopus and white beans and transform it into an incredibly tasty dish. There is an ample amount of octopus in this dish and by the time you are done you are full.

    Service Our waitress was really helpful in explaining dishes. However, I did find that since we were on the terrace she forgot about us and I had to flag her down to get more water and cream for my coffee.

    tripes and caviar montreal brunch interior

    Vegetarian Almost every dish has meat or fish in it. If you are ok with fish then you have a few options but if you are not this may be difficult for you – but do keep in mind the name of the place is based on meat and fish so I don’t think you were expecting vegan and gluten free here anyway.

    Wrap up The food is incredibly tasty and filling. The dishes are very creative and they tweak the menu to change some items and ingredients so that creativity is always nice to see. I like seeing a place like this in Verdun and the West needs more places like this. So if you want brunch with a twist, Verdun is your place to go.

    3725 Rue Wellington
    Verdun, Qc
    H4G 3M6
    (514) 819-1791
    Sunday 10h-15h


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee NO
    Credit Cards No
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$$ $15
    Overall 4.5/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

    Parking Meter & Street



    58, 350, 61, 107

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    6 minutes

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    • Dahlia says:

      I loved Tripes & Caviar! Great hidden spot, and the decor is really fab.

    • Angie says:

      For years, we’ve been following your recommendation.
      However, Tripes & Caviar is the first disappointment we had since we started to follow your trace.

      We went to this restaurant, coffee was fantastic, the portion is bird size. a breakfast cost around $14 inch includes:
      first cup of coffee was great (too strong…).
      a small plate of food which includes the following:
      8 small chopped pieces of potato
      a very thin piece of toast (cheap commercial toast for hotdog)
      a TABLE spoon of ground beef on top of toast
      2 small sunny side up eggs
      half orange cut to 3 slices

      Maybe when you went there, the portion was good, but definitely not when we were there. fruit display was the worst among all the breakfast restaurant, in a breakfast restaurant, I do expect that the chef can do better than cutting four slices of orange (even 10 year old kid can do that). overall experience was not good….this is the first time that I went out a breakfast restaurant and still feel HUNGRY!!!!!!!!

      • admin says:

        Sorry to hear that, our initial visit was during the summer, and I actually went back last weekend. We were also a little disappointed, service was off, portion size was smaller even though dishes were different from last time. We had the bene du castle which was totally different from our 1st time, granted ingredients were not the same the size was much small.

        Problem with these reviews is when we review a place at some point it can change over time as in this case. I don’t know what changed here but it was definitely different from my 1st visit. I hope it changes back.

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