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Tripes and Caviar Verdun Brunch (CLOSED)

Araucaria – Mile end day long brunch

tripes and caviar montreal brunch exterior

So a little back story: a little over a year ago, I was in a bar in Tokyo having drinks and overheard someone talking with a distinct Quebec accent. It turns out that that accent belonged to a Montrealer doing a pilgrimage to various bars and restaurants in Japan. When we got to talking of favourite places and he mentioned how he knew the people over at Tripes and Caviar and they were doing some creative stuff there. So, although a year later, we decided to check it out.




h4c exterior brunch montrealA while ago, H4C opened up in Montreal and we were fortunate enough to try out their dinner. We enjoyed dinner there, and when we heard that they would be rolling out brunch we were excited. This part of St Henri has been changing over the last couple years with new restaurants and condos popping up here and there. This takes a normally working class area and changes the landscape. I don’t particularly feel like re-living my university day discussions about gentrification so I will avoid the social commentary and get the point that there is a new good brunch spot in the area that makes some really creative dishes that you would normally see in the Plateau or Mile End. (more…)


Restaurant Evoo

evoo exterior

The 411 The growth we saw in the Atwater market a few years back has stretched west into Saint Henri. With this growth and expansion, you start seeing new restaurants opening up and serving brunch. Evoo is a rather recent addition to the scene and one weekend I was looking for something brand new, something I hadn’t seen at all and something that can surprise me so Evoo seemed to be like a good option.



Midi 6

The 411It’s been a while since we have been to the Atwater market area. There are a few brunch spots in the area which we explored a while ago, and now we got wind of a place called Midi 6 that was worth checking out. I should note that calling this the Atwater market area is wrong because it should be called St Henri: a growing and developing area where people are curious to explore new spots.



Griffintown Cafe

Griffintown Cafe – A little bit of country in the city

The 411

griffintown-cafe-exterior-smallOver the last couple of years, Notre Dame street has brought us some interesting brunch spots, with its booming population, and sprawling developments. Griffintown café (not to be confused with Café Griffintown) is a place I was introduced to a little over a year ago. A group of us had dinner there and liked it. Over the last little while I had heard that they added weekend brunch to their offering. Considering I liked their dinner service, and I am a fan of the area, it did not take much to make me check out this spot and see how they handle brunch.


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