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Café Campagne

Café Campagne – Well worth the trip to the wild wild west

The 411

cafe-campagne-exterior-smallA friend of mine recently moved way out west to Rigaud and I said I would try to find a good brunch place in that area. My specialty is Montreal and this city is full of amazing places for brunch with tons of new places opening up regularly. There are more than enough to keep me busy reviewing for quite some time. However, once in a while I get some info on an amazing place out of town that is worth the drive. Café Campagne, in Vaudreuil D’orion, is one of those places. I managed to check it out a while ago on a test run with one of my brunch buddies and just recently went back with my Rigaud friend and a couple others so as to share the magic that is Café Campagne.




Restaurant Madre – Latin fusion at it’s finest

The 411

madre-montreal-exterior-smallFusion cuisine and brunch are two things that, when combined, can elevate a dish to new levels or crash and burn. Most people are quite comfortable with their eggs and bacon and making fancy brunch dishes inspired by different cooking styles does not always get the warmest reception. I’ve written before about “nouveau” brunch and in fact, I was inspired to check out some of these places by a Sarah Musgrave article that covered a couple places in the city; Madre was one of them. Now, my greatest concern with nouveau brunch is that meals tend to deviate from classic breakfast items and end up being more of a lunch dish. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mind breaking the mold and trying something different; I may have my old school roots but I do like being surprised and seeing someone take a novel approach to brunch. With that said, Madre proved an interesting challenge: a nouveau brunch style place that combines various South American cooking styles (Nuevo Latin). This is not an easy challenge by any means, although I have had Latin themed brunches before and the options on the menu are limited. If we consider that we are looking at fusing different styles from South America we could end up with something more lunch than brunch. In the end, I called up my oldest brunch buddy who happens to be a foodie and we went on our fancy brunch adventure.


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