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M Sur Masson

M sur Masson: A feast for your taste buds

The 411

M Sur Masson Montreal outisdeThe only thing I love more than discovering new places that I have never heard of before is finding one in my neighbourhood and that was M sur Masson. Situated in Rosemont, M sur Masson has been known as a really great place to have a good French Bistro meal. It is in a very interesting area in the east end where you will see big changes going on in the neighborhood – old neglected areas make way for newer younger restaurants stores and homes. The area is young, vibrant and changing before your eyes and I expect that even more places will open up and offer new and innovative food creations.




Treasure on Masson Street

The 411

On a lovely Sunday morning we went looking for a brunch place on Masson Street in the east end, only to find it closed. Now being an east end local I know that good brunch places are hard to come by so I was worried. We walked around and eventually found Eggstace; the decor was nice, the menu looked good and well priced so we took a chance.

At 1st glance

With its big open patio window on the street side and its big orange sign, your curiosity gets piqued and once you take a look at the menu on the side of the door you can’t help but want to walk in. The decor is modern but nice with attention to detail: the water bubble wall when you walk in, the large single stall washrooms, the large LCD TV’s as well as projection wall at the back all work well. The banquet seats against the wall are large and comfy and you will have to fight over who gets to sit there. (more…)

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