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M sur Masson: A feast for your taste buds

The 411

M Sur Masson Montreal outisdeThe only thing I love more than discovering new places that I have never heard of before is finding one in my neighbourhood and that was M sur Masson. Situated in Rosemont, M sur Masson has been known as a really great place to have a good French Bistro meal. It is in a very interesting area in the east end where you will see big changes going on in the neighborhood – old neglected areas make way for newer younger restaurants stores and homes. The area is young, vibrant and changing before your eyes and I expect that even more places will open up and offer new and innovative food creations.

At 1st glance

The moment you walk in you can’t help but notice this small place (approx 30-40 person capacity) with a high ceiling and such lovely attention to detail, the combination of yellow paint and wood paneling make for a warm ambiance. During the summer there is a terrace on the street level. During the winter you will have to go inside and you may consider making reservations, we did not but got there early enough and managed to get a table. One thing to note when you get seated is try to avoid the tables on the left of the entrance; there’s one in particular that gets really cold on those frigid winter days.


French Toast M Sur MassonThe brunch menu is only available on Saturday and Sundays, although they do open early enough and serve it late enough so you won’t lose out . The menu is set weekly although some meal options will stay on it. They also will have some chalkboard items situated (on either side of the bar) to chose from. There is a table d’hôte style menu at 18$ (some plates require to add on a few extra dollars). The table d’hôte comes with coffee/orange juice; a choice of soup or yogourt and a brunch item. Steak frites M sur Masson There is an omellete option, a canard confit plate (add 5$ extra). You will also find some interesting pairings like shrimp and caviar, as well as grilled smoked salmon and shrimp. These are not your typical bacon and eggs options which is why there are some more classic plates like Eggs Benedict ($14), Croissants Riopelle ($11.50) and eggs any style ($13.50) served with chorizo, bacon and mushroom. The menu options are unique and can get a touch pricey, expect to pay about $5 more than at another brunch although you will end up get something really unique with quality ingredients..

The eating part was a whole lot of fun because the 2 friends I went with love to eat and enjoy good food so we had an adventure and went hog wild. canard confit and black trufflesI went nuts and ordered from the table d’hôte and chose the duck confit plate with black truffles ($23). It came with an exquisite yogourt and granola entrée which was as fun to eat as it was to look at, I mean they even topped it with a mint leaf which I did not eat but really made it look that much nicer. Once I bit into it, my taste buds were blown away. The duck meat was plentiful and the egg and vegetable mix in the dish was light and perfect, while the duck provided that filling combination to make for the perfect balance.

Another plate that stood out was the eggs Meurettes ($15.50) which is 2 eggs served with mushrooms, pancetta and coated with a red wine reduction.Eggs Meurette M sur MassonI found it incredible how the eggs turned this odd shade of red, and aside from the look of it which was a 10/10, the taste did not disappoint at all. It was tasty and the dish was bursting with complimenting flavour, the only down side was that it was a little small for someone who is really hungry but for the normal appetite, it does the job quite well. Another menu item we went for was the steak fries with egg. It was basically taking something amazing like a steak and putting something equally amazing on it, like an egg. It came with a side of fries and a buttery topping. The steak was perfectly cooked and was a good thickness for breakfast. I should note that although steak for breakfast/brunch may seem like an odd choice in many parts of North America it is not that rare and for those meat eaters that are really hungry, only a morning steak can satisfy that hunger.

The final plate we ordered was the french toast ($10.50) which was topped with pecans and warm caramel. The bread of the french toast was very interesting in that it tasted slightly like a corn bread although it was very light. The plate consisted of one enormous slice. The pecans and caramel made for a somewhat sweet taste that made this dish a winner in my books.


The service was ok as our waitress was “a little out there” and although she was frequent with the refills she tended to neglect the milk/cream. Other than that, the service was good I think we just had some bad luck.


This is a section where we could use some more improvement. Most plates were meat centric although there were some fish options and the granola yogourt dish is amazing. The down side is that if you are looking for a health item and are a pure vegetarian, you may have to order a simple egg plate and ask them to hold the meat on it. Although, in their defence, their dining style is leaning more heavily on meat and fish dishes so you should not really expect that much vegetarian options.

Wrap up

M sur Masson interiorWhile, this place is not light on the wallet it does provide a fine brunch experience. The menu items are truly unique, the ingredients are of superior quality and the decor is spectacular. So I guess this is one of those cases of keep in mind the price but rest assured you are getting what you pay for, and in this case it is pretty amazing. I should note that when I went to the washroom I only saw a gender neutral share-washroom and the door to the 2 stalls was a swing open door (like in the westerns) I swear I looked everywhere to see if I was wrong or missing something obvious but I could not find another room. I have no problems with gender neutral washrooms what I do have a problem is with doors that do not offer enough privacy i.e. too much clearance on the top and bottom. I really need to confirm this next time I go or if anyone out there has seen this please post a comment below.

2876 rue Masson
Montreal, QC H1Y 1W9
(514) 678-2999

Sat-Sunday 10:00 a.m-3:30 p.m.


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site YES
Debit Card YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$$$ $20
Overall 4/5
Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

Free & Parking Meters

Little difficulty


47, 27

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Préfontaine, Joliette

20 mins

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    This place looks like a great one if you’re up for trying something out of the ordinary. They seem to have a really original and hearty take on breakfast. Thanks for the head-ups Breakfast Guru!

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