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The Paramount

The 411 On a recent trip to Boston we went out searching for some brunch spots. One spot was a suggestion from a friend who said we needed to check out Paramount. Apparently, this institution has been serving up morning delights since 1937 – yes, that’s right, 1937. In my books, we call that an institution. What makes Paramount interesting besides the food and it’s history is that they have a system that they advertise quite well where you wait in line and by the time you get to place your order and get your food your spot is available to you to sit down. Even if you are a group of 10, like we were, they make it happen. In fact, their sign even says not to save any spots and that it has been working well since 1937. No joke, we got our table along with everyone else. The only downside to this is that the line up moved slowly and we ended up waiting for 45 minutes but we did get to see our food being made as we waited.


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