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Cafe Souvenir

A truly memorable trip

The 411

Up in Outremont on Bernard Avenue you will find a truly unique place with one of the nicest terraces that any breakfast place has to offer. This nice little place is squeezed between a bunch of other terraces but Cafe Souvenirs is definitely the one you should try, and while you’re at it don’t miss out on the food.

At 1st glance

When you walk up to the Cafe Souvenirs you automatically get drawn into its warm atmosphere and attention to detail which is one the many things that makes it unique. Although I will likely mention the terrace another 2 times, I really suggest you enjoy a seat on it since there is nothing quite like it on a sunny afternoon. The attention to detail is amazing with small unique things that set it apart. The glass bottles of water on your table are each a different colour and shape (there’s even one that looks like the tower of Pisa) as are the coffee mugs. Inside the cafe the hooks for jackets are actually golf club tops; it sounds odd but it works. One should also note that there is wifi available although don’t be a camper and stay there for 4 hours because line ups form. The main criticism is the lineups; when it’s grey and snowing it’s not an issue, although when the sun is out, there is a big lineup forming for a small amount of tables and the patrons can get aggressive; you have to be on your A game to make sure you get a seat and clearly communicate with the hostess who is often overworked running from table to table. My tip is get there early or get comfy (you can use the park bench nearby). (more…)

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