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Shaking the dust off an old classic

The 411

Since 1949 Dusty’s has been serving some filling breakfast food, and although the decor may not have changed much over the last 50 plus years, neither have the prices, making Dusty’s a wallet friendly place to go. The venue can be missed if you don’t know where it is, which is mainly due to the fact that there is no sign. I don’t know if there ever was one to begin with, and if there was, I have no idea where it disappeared to.

At 1st glance

When you first walk up to Dusty’s you can’t help but notice this giant wood acorn; I have no clue why it’s there or what it is supposed to represent but it does the job of acting as a landmark to tell you that you have arrived at your desired destination. The interior has vinyl banquets, drawings on the wall, and a couple short order seats. This adds a certain old school charm to the venue, although the washrooms could do without it.


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