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The 411 Recently I started helping 2 friends start a review blog called Montreal Food Divas. They specialize in dinner but my reward for helping them was a brunch, which is my 2nd favourite form of compensation (cash being my 1st). The challenge was to go somewhere nice that neither of us have been to before. This can get tricky with bloggers since I needed to find a hidden gem that would impress them but at the same time somewhere that would be new for me as well. Fortunately, with over 200 reviews in my stomach, I can get a feeling on what a place will be like without having eaten there. Roy Pendu seemed like it would fit the criteria of being somewhere new with a menu that is little different.

roy pendu interiorRoy pendu is on Roy street near St Hubert. This is a really nice area with a funky kind of park next to it. During the summer there is a terrace nearby. The interior of Roy Pendu is a mix of wood and stone with a really comfortable vibe. The washrooms are well worth a trip and the funky open piano is kind of cool. The seating capacity is quite large and they have large tables ideal for birthdays or special occasions. Reservations are possible although, when we went they were not really needed.

Food With a weeklong brunch menu, you can get your morning started off right 7 days a week. Most menu items will run you around $14 but you do get coffee and unlimited refills which adds a little extra value to the price. The first thing we noticed with the food was that the fruit is dressed up and carved into nice floral designs making your plate a little bit nicer looking and almost making you feel bad about eating the nicely decorated fruit ( I repeat: almost…). The menu is a page long and the breakdown is as follows:

  • 6 fruit options: $7.75-$15.95
  • 3 crepe options: $12.95-$13.95
  • 5 Omelettes: $13.95-$16.95
  • 4 Eggs dishes: $8.95-$14.95
  • 10 drink options: $3.00-$8.00
  • roy pendu eggs and sideWe started off with the Eggs Merguez ($13.95) which had scrambled eggs, carved fruit, potatoes, baguette bread and merguez sausage. There were two topping on the side you could use and added some extra flavour to the dish. The dish had many components to it and for just a few pennies under $14 you got a lot of choice and free coffee as well.

    roy pendu omeletteThe duck confit omelette ($16.95) was quite creative because rarely have I had duck confit for brunch. Offering it in an omelette is a smart way of incorporating this into a brunch menu. The only issue is that the take is a little understated and the duck does not stand out to it’s full potential. The price is a little high but it is to be expected since there is duck in this dish and that commands a higher price.

    roy pendu eggs benedict Lastly, the salmon Benedict ($16.95) weighs in at under $17. This is a little pricey for an eggs Benedict dish. Even if it’s a smoked salmon, the free coffee takes a little sting out of it, but if you don’t like drip and want a cappuccino then this is of no benefit to you. You do get potatoes and their varied fruit including prickly pears which is a nice extra you do not find at most places. The taste delivers although you need to know if this will be the dish that best fits you.


    The service was excellent. We moved to another area to get more sunlight and there were no issues. They checked in on us often and we even chatted with our waitress. Our meals came quickly and we were not rushed for the bill


    You do have some vegetarian and vegan options if you stick to the ample fruit portions. While the omelettes are primarily meat based as are the eggs dishes, the crepes on the other hand are not.

    Wrap up

    Le Roy Pendu is a nice place to go with a couple of friends. Some dishes offer great value others may not if you do not value the free drip coffee. The presentation and taste score very well here and the service and décor are well worth the trip. I was extra happy to have shared it with Montreal Food Divas and I encourage you all to check out their website.

    804, Roy est
    Montreal Qc,
    (438) 333-1284
    Mon-Fri 9:00 – 14:30
    Sat-Sun 9:00 – 15:30


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$$ $15
    Overall 4/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3





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