Mother's Day 2011 - MONTREAL Brunch and Breakfast
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Mother’s Day 2011

Mother’s Day 2011 – Treat yo momma right

Ah yes, Mother’s Day; that special day when you give the thanks to that special someone who gave you life, who cleaned your diapers, fixed your scrapes and bruises when you fell, and loves you no matter what crime you commit. Mother’s day is possibly the one holiday that is synonymous with brunch. Last year, we did a Mother’s day article and this year we’re dishing on some possible spots to spend quality time with mom.

cafe-melies-pancakes-smallSo the million dollar question is: Where to go? Do you do a buffet? Do you go somewhere fancy and glitzy? Or do you go somewhere more personal and quiet for a small outing? Each option works for different people. A buffet is great for large groups with different tastes and preferences, while a fancy spot offers that ambiance and refinement that only fine dining establishments can deliver. On the other hand, a small cozy spot is great for that intimate moment where you and mom can just talk enjoy a nice dish and coffee and let the day pass you by.

Buffets are possibly the most popular option since often large groups will get together for Mother’s day. I know in my case, we invade like a small army so a buffet is often the best option especially when it comes to pleasing a large group. Now, you need to pick the right buffet. Location is important as you don’t want it to be impossible for people to get there or get lost. Bringing people from the suburbs into the downtown core where parking is nil may be an issue. I mean, they’re all big boys and girls but sometimes hilarity will ensue as they circle the block for 30 minutes looking for a spot to open. The inverse is also true. You do not want to take a group of people living downtown or in the plateau to go off island or into the suburbs, unless they have a car or organize some lifts. Next is the budget. You want a budget that is fair to all members. Keep in mind that the budget of a couple that has been working for 5 years with no kids is not the same as that of a student living on their own, so you will need to be open to compromise. Most buffet spots will cost you under $40 as a rule of thumb, so keep that in mind when you look around to choose a spot. Lastly is food. Are you looking for a more of a breakfast option or something more lunch like? Is cleanliness and service important? I mean not all brunches are created the same I have been to some that I will never go to again and although I promised I would not say which spot it is, you can simply click on the 2/5 rating on the right hand bar and relive my experience.


all-you-can-eat-brunch-buffet-3chateau-vaudreil-smallFor buffets you have some great spots in the old port like Verses ($39), Suite 701 ($38),Aix ($38), Vieux Port Steak House ($28.50 and kids eat at half price). Each restaurant has it’s own unique take on brunch; some are more breakfasty while others more lunchy so you can find the right spot for you and your family. The downtown core offers some interesting choices like the Delta ($50.95 and kids eat at half price) and with its rotating view of the city makes for a unique experience. There is also Sofitel ($70 and kids eat at half price) on Sherbrooke which offers brunch as well.The Queen E ($37) is a spot which I visited a while back and enjoyed a really good brunch with impeccable service and a venue that can hold lots of people.

Outside the core of downtown Montreal, only a few places come to mind such as Chateau Vaudreil ($39) in Vaudreuil. It offers you a main course as well as some great buffet options with an amazing view and service. This buffet has lots of vegetarian options, as well as some meaty dishes, the food here is not really a classic breakfast but I enjoyed it very much. The other is Porto Vino in the West Island which for $30 is a pretty good deal, and it’s a bring your own wine as well. The menu has some breakfasty items as well some roast beef options and pastas. There is also Universel in the East End and the Sheraton and Hilton in Laval.

Fancy Brunch

What about NON all you can eat brunches? If you are looking for a set menu at a sit down place there are some options that come to mind that should allow for a small to medium sized group. The spots mentioned are a little fancier and have a more refined menu with a nice décor for special events. Birks café with its fixed menu, great décor, impeccable service and all you can drink mimosas, is a choice that will impress anyone. Café Melies has bunch menu with a variety of options and a more refined look on brunch while still honouring the classic dishes. There is ample space and the décor is lovely with glass and metal. There is also a small terrace outside so if you get a nice sunny day this weekend, you can take advantage of it and eat outside. Another spot similar to this is L’arrivage in the Old Port which has a mix of lunch and breakfasty dishes. The view is amazing and it is connected to the museum so you can go there after you are done eating.

Quiet little spot

None of the above? This is for the people looking for a nice, quiet location. This is really a challenge since often these places are tiny and can fill up fast. One place that comes to mind is Fuschia. This place is kind of like a café with a limited menu but, it is so nice and has a vegetarian theme to all of its dishes. The place is ideal for a nice sit down and enjoying the sun filled room. Figaro can also be a hit which despite being a little busy sometimes, its outdoor terrace and incredible Parisian themed décor make for a nice escape. The menu is limited but the experience is what you would go there for.

I hope this helps in your decision making process for Mother’s day. Feel free to comment on where you went, how you liked it, if this was helpful and even suggestions for other reviews.

Happy Mother’s day, and in the words of Mr T: “Treat yo momma right!”

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