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Mother’s Day 2012

Every time that spring comes around we are reminded of two things: 1) change the winter tires, and 2) Mother’s Day is around the corner. So this year we would like to offer you some options for that very special person in your life, your mom.

So Mother’s Day is tricky because, although it is the busiest day for brunch, it can be an exercise in compromise and patience. This is something I have had to deal with as well as I try to find the perfect spot for Mother’s Day. Just like there are different kinds of people, there are different kinds of brunches. You have the small personal brunch of 2 people or more, which is simple enough to not need to find a place that can accommodate a dozen people. You have those whose Mother’s Day outings are like mobilizing a small army, filled with various extended families and that require double digit reservations. You also have differing culinary preferences, with those who want something simple and quiet, or maybe even a shiny polished service, while others want an all-you-can-eat extravaganza.


Mother’s Day 2011

Mother’s Day 2011 – Treat yo momma right

Ah yes, Mother’s Day; that special day when you give the thanks to that special someone who gave you life, who cleaned your diapers, fixed your scrapes and bruises when you fell, and loves you no matter what crime you commit. Mother’s day is possibly the one holiday that is synonymous with brunch. Last year, we did a Mother’s day article and this year we’re dishing on some possible spots to spend quality time with mom.

cafe-melies-pancakes-smallSo the million dollar question is: Where to go? Do you do a buffet? Do you go somewhere fancy and glitzy? Or do you go somewhere more personal and quiet for a small outing? Each option works for different people. A buffet is great for large groups with different tastes and preferences, while a fancy spot offers that ambiance and refinement that only fine dining establishments can deliver. On the other hand, a small cozy spot is great for that intimate moment where you and mom can just talk enjoy a nice dish and coffee and let the day pass you by.



Cafe Melies

Cafe Melies – An unexpected treat on St-Laurent

The 411

cafe-melies-exterior-smallOn one of the first nice warm days of the spring we were lucky enough to be out for brunch. We needed somewhere new, somewhere decent somewhere that wasn’t our run-of-the-mill spot. As of recently I have been going to many new and unique places but there are lots of spots out there that have similar menus which sometimes puts me in a brunch rut and in need of inspiration. I went to my brunch map which has all the brunch places in Montreal including those that I have review and those that I need to review. As I analyzed it I saw Café Melies, a place that I read about on forums that got decent reviews. Café Melies is a restaurant next to the eXcentris theatre. You have likely passed by it dozens of times without ever going in. It’s situated north of Sherbrooke and south of Prince Arthur right before you get to all the clubs and bars but after all the supper clubs.


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