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Mitzi’s Cafe Toronto

Mitzi’s – A Toronto Memory

The 411

While on a recent trip to Toronto, we ended up visiting a friend who was living near High Park. I was winding down my Toronto trip so when we met up, I asked him what spot he recommended and he suggested his favourite childhood spot: a place that serves brunch 7 days a week and was hands down his favourite place to go in the city. The thing I love most about brunch is that there is always that one spot that everyone has that is a mini secret and that you have always loved. This place is in a residential neighbourhood and has been around for a while so it is tied to cherished childhood memories.

At 1st glance

When you get to Mitzi’s you notice a nice terrace on the outside where you will see a mix of people from families to older and young couples. The inside has art on the wall with an open kitchen area, a counter and tables and chairs all along. The capacity inside is close to 40. The menu is on the chalkboard on top of the cash register. Please note that this place is a cash-only establishment, so keep that in mind when you come since your plastic will not work here.


The menu is classic breakfast fare with a fancy twist. What this means is that you have all the classics on the menu but they also have a little something special-special on them. Coffee is not included with your order but you do get free refills on it. The average meal price is anywhere from $8-$14 and you get a kids menu option. The menu breakdown is as follows:

  • Poached Eggs ($13.95)
  • Omelette Special ($13.95)
  • Scrambled Egg Special ($13.95)
  • French Toast ($13.95)
  • Mitzi’s Famous Oatmeal Buttermilk Pancake ($13.95)
  • Mitzi’s Breakfast ($6.95)
  • The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich ($9.50)
  • Homemade Granola ($7.50)
  • Kid’s Scrambled Eggs ($2.95)
  • We started with a fruit juice and I had the large mango banana ($4) which is great price for a large exotic fruit juice. The juice was tasty but the banana was more pronounced than the mango; although, I do accept the fact that it is hard to find good mangos in season so I am not shocked that the taste was not as apparent. My friend was nursing a hangover so he had a muffin so as to not tempt the fates and disturb his stomach. I did sneak a quick bite at the muffin and it was moist, although it is not your usual morning item for a review.

    Batata had the Omelette Special ($13.95) which had a 3 egg omelette, toast, potatoes and fruit. The omelette was very tasty and filling and the fruit on the side was fresh. The potatoes will be described in more details in Batata’s potato review although, what I can say is that the portion size of potatoes was a tad skimpy and the fruit could have been more varied. The price of almost 14$ with no coffee included is a bit too much for an omelette.

    Here is Batata’s take on the potatoes (this section is to be read while using the voice of Stefon from Saturday Night Live (SNL):

    “Toronto’s latest amazing breakfast home fries can be found at Mitzi’s. Ranked as one of the best home fries I have tried, it lacked in some very important ways. The home fries were diced little desiree potatoes (red potatoes) and oven roasted in their own skins. They are roasted in a secret marinade composed of olive oil, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar (I was able to guess that due to my refined palette) and some herbs. Absolutely incredible that I had to order an additional side portion of home fries but, alas there lies the problem as well. The portion of home fries provided with my omelette was, categorically, more a sample than a portion. Furthermore, the price that I paid for my plate should have provided me with all-I-can-eat home fries. I will unfortunately rate it a 3.75 out of 5 but it has so much potential of becoming a 4 if they would just increase the volume by at least 25% or reduce the price by the same amount.”

    The The French toast ($13.95) was three large slices of challah bread, whipped cream, potatoes, fruit on the side and topped with blueberry and crumbled bacon. This dish was amazing! The portion size of French toast was very generous and the whipped cream a very nice and unique touch. The crumbled bacon on top was a pure stroke of genius. This worked so well with the French toast it was like I was in a dream. The price is a little more than what you would normally pay but I had no issue paying for such a quality dish.


    Ther service was very friendly and the refills were frequent.


    Although the menu is short, most items on it are vegetarian friend and those that aren’t can easily be made vegetarian.

    Wrap up

    I enjoyed Mitizi’s. The food was well prepared, well presented, filling and extremely tasty. I did feel that some dishes like the omelette dish were a touch expensive and that having coffee be included would have been nice to see. I did feel that the French toast was worth every penny and the fruit juice was well priced. Overall, a great experience.

    100 Sorauren Ave
    Toronto On,
    H2R 2B1
    (416) 588-1234
    Mon-Fri 7:30-16:00
    Sat-Sun 8:00-16:00


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards NO
    Web Site


    Debit Card NO
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$-$$$ $12-$15
    Overall 4/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3








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