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Petite Ardoise – Small name with big taste

The 411

For the longest time I have passed by La Petite Ardoise and have always been curious for how brunch would be there. I would see people going in and eating but for one reason or another I never got a chance to try it out. It just so happened that a few weeks ago a friend of mine tells me of an amazing place on Laurier street that they love, and it turned out to be La Petite Ardoise. So one Saturday afternoon off we went to check it out and see what this mysterious little place is all about and what we found surprised me and helped complete my list of places to eat on Laurier street.

At 1st glance

Situated on Laurier just east of Parc, La Petite Ardoise is a lovely little bistro with an amazing terrace in the summer. The area itself is know for good food and a classy, yet at the same time relaxed, atmosphere. La Petite Ardoise is no exception; once you step you see its nice large windows that let the inside get soaked with with sun, the large bar in the back and as well the ample seating. They serve breakfast weekly from 9 am until 11pm and on weekend do brunch until 3:00. The inside is very comfortable with lots of available seating and the crowd seems to be a mix of neighborhood people and families.


La Petite Ardoise is a nice French bistro and their food has a bistro-esque influence. It has a certain gentle refinement when it comes to the menu and you can tell it is more European than the classic North American. The brunch menu has a newspaper theme to it with items named like the Daily telegraph, Le Devoir, The Gazette. The menu has a general offering of omelet dishes, poached eggs/eggs Benedict, and crepes. There are also some options for french toast and simpler options like a croissant ($3.95), and yogurt and fruit ($5.95). The average brunch dish is between $8.95 and $13.95, the plates usually come with a side and some varied fruit and there’s over dozen of these types of plates. There are also four types of listed crepes ranging from $7.95 to $11.95 and the french toast comes as one option from what I remember and it’s $8.95. I found that the plates were quite full and the accompanying fruit is varied and served as a nice thick slice which all goes to help guarantee that you will be full at the end of your meal.

We were four people so we attacked the menu at all angles and tried to get as varied a sampling as possible. (This also means that with three extra people present that means I can steal even more food from everyone’s plate) Now, in ordering we made some small changes to what was on the menu by subbing items so the description may not match the picture. In the two substitutions one was free while the other cost an extra dollar and some but that was because we used smoked salmon.

I had the Gazette ($11.95) which came as two eggs Benedict on an English muffin, with ham, spinach, hollandaise sauce, potatoes, and fruit. This is where I had them swap the ham for smoked salmon which cost me a little over a dollar. The eggs Benedict were very good and the spinach was perfectly done which some places have difficulty perfecting. The hollandaise sauce was average but the potatoes were very good and the accompanying fruit was fresh, varied and generous. They put forward pears, kiwi and an enormous slice of grapefruit – I always felt that giving varied and generous fruit servings is a welcome addition to any plate especially here because it’s not often that you see pear and kiwi on a plate. Next on the culinary hit list was the Financial Times ($12.95) which is two poached eggs, smoked salmon, bechamel sauce, grated cheese melted on top, potatoes, toast and fresh fruit. We ended up ordering this one as is and on another plate we turned it into an eggs Benedict option which is kind of like what I had before so I will skip the taste description and focus on the normal un-edited dish. I like the fact it comes served in a deep plate with a very generous bed of smoked salmon on top; the cheese really worked well and helped compliment the ingredients; the fruit was generous as well and much appreciated. I only wish that they could put a menu item that is an eggs benedict with smoked salmon without having to make too many changes. I’ve been told that I can be difficult when it comes to food (and that in some instances I also steal food from other peoples plates) but I really like the option of an eggs Benedict with salmon, and I feel it should be on all menus.

Now that my rant is done back to the food. The Financial Times is a good choice on the menu and if you take close look at the picture you will see that they really pack on the smoked salmon. Now the final plate in this journalism-themed adventure is Le Midi Libre ($8.95) which is two giant pieces of french toast, an accompaniment of fresh fruit and maple syrup. The french toast was excellent as it was refreshingly different from other french toasts since it did not use the normal toast bread but a larger thicker bread – that, coupled with the delicious taste and generous size, made for a winning combination.


The service was good, our interaction with our waitress was limited since they don’t do refills on coffees, but when we ordered she answered any of our questions and she was pleasant and informative. The food did take some time to arrive but we weren’t in a rush and it wasn’t a tremendous delay so no complaints.


Almost half of the dishes don’t have meat in them but those that do either have ham or smoked salmon. So if your looking to avoid meat you have some choices although there are no health menu items and no vegan options.

Wrap up

I was happy to have tried out La Petite Ardoise – it fits a need when you want a nice eggs dish, the generous portions of varied fruit is appreciated. I wish they would make an eggs benedict with smoked salmon as opposed to asking to sub it, although the fact they did so was really good and it wasn’t too much more in price. The price of the food is fair and you get a good sized plate so if your in the area you should check it out.

222, ave. Laurier O,
Montreal, QC H2T 2N8
(514) 495-4961

Monday- Friday 9:00 a.m-11:00 a.m.
Saturday-Sunday 10:30 a.m-3:00 p.m.


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee NO
Credit Cards YES
Web Site YES
Debit Card YES
Kid Menu NO
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$$ <$15
Overall 3.5/5
Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

street & Meter

Moderate difficulty


55, 363, 51, 365, 535

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13 minutes

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  • Eric says:

    Went last Sunday afternoon for Brunch with a friend. We were happy to see the place was only half full because we had some errands to run and we could be in and out rather quickly. Although service was quick and friendly to begin with, our meal took an astronomically long time to receive at 45 minutes! In hindsight, I am surprised we did not leave. Food, when it arrived, was nicely presented. I had “La Stampa”, a egg “gratiné” of sorts with a béchamel sauce, spinach and cheese on top. It was tasty. The side of potatoes could have used a little less spices.

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