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International House of Pancakes – visiting a legend

The 411

ihops-exterior-smallOn the way back from a trip to Cali a long plane ride and a lack of medical sedatives made for me being in need of sleep and food. When I don’t eat I get painfully cranky so in order to avoid an incident at the border I decided that I need to eat right away and I really wanted breakfast food. So having landed in Burlington we asked around for information on where to get breakfast. I asked at the airport, the parking lot and even in a grocery store with no luck. Most people didn’t know of any place to eat breakfast on a weekday early in the morning and when one person suggested McDonalds I almost cried but I think the emotion was masked by disgust, which I think she saw on my face (sorry I’m cranky when I’m hungry). Then, as if a sign from above, someone suggested Ihop’s and pointed us in the right direction.




A Sherbrooke concept in Laval

The 411

To begin with I should state that Eggsquis is a chain and although I have a no chain rule, I have revised it and will review it fairly. The location that will be reviewed is the one in Laval on 1450 , Blvd. Daniel Johnson. Although it is possible that not all of the 32 locations across Quebec are the same I will only be using this location for review purposes (that and I don’t feel like driving across the province to check them all out).

At 1st glance

The moment you pull into its ample parking lot, you quickly spot Eggsquis among the other shops in the little strip mall. We went at around 1:00 PM and there was a small lineup but it moved quite quickly. The decor is simple, nothing too crazy, and the capacity is quite fair; turn around was pretty good with people coming and going often. I was really concerned about the lineup but in less than 5 minutes we were seated (I should note that we were not a big group and if we were that may have taken a bit longer).


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