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Caffe Della Posta

A refreshing change

The 411

Originally known as the Vaudeville, Della Posta, a self described Sicilian Resto, offers a weekend brunch. Nestled on Bernard, west of Park, the decor takes you back to a relaxed place.

At 1st glance

The location is rather easy to miss as you tend to keep walking until you realize you passed it. Once inside you feel relaxed with the white decor and the lovely bar with an open kitchen on the side. The menu is actually quite short but there are some interesting dishes.


All plates come with complimentary coffee (bottomless cup), a fruit drink of either orange or mixed fruit, a piece of sweet bread and a basket assortment of mini croissants, chocolatines and other tasty treats. This is the continental breakfast and it would cost around $8 approximate if you ordered it on its own, but it comes free with your plate. Coincidentally, you should take this into account when passing judgment on the plates’ prices since the free stuff is nice but not all people would care for it. I should note that there may be a refill on the fruit juice since my friend got one but I did not and my glass was clearly empty (but I’m not bitter). The menu has only a few items, many of which are eggs Benedict; the shrimp and eggs Benedict ($15.75) is a tasty and an interesting way to use shrimps for breakfast. The Vaudeville plate ($12.95) is not overly spectacular as it has regular eggs, bacon and sausage; nothing out of this world. Most eggs Benedict plates will run you anywhere from $12-$15, but once again remember you get all the extras at the beginning for free. Although it should also be noted that the main dishes themselves are not heaping and if you look at the photos below you will see lots of white space left on the plate.


This is the one part that can use improvement. The staff was unorganized and it was difficult to flag them down; getting a refill on coffee took long and the bill took even longer. It should be noted that I have come here many times and the service is usually ok except for some older man who may be the owner or manager. He always rushes you off the table and although the bill does get received quickly it some times comes when you are still eating. My last visit was the opposite where he wasn’t rushing people out but service took a while, maybe next time I will get a happy medium.


This is the part where my notes are incomplete. I know for sure the continental breakfast is vegetarian and I know vegetarian friends who have eaten here although this section needs to be updated on my next visit.

Wrap up

Food is good, ambiance is nice, and the free breads and fruit juice/coffee is a nice touch. On the negative side I hate feeling rushed to get out and since this has happened on more than one occasion I feel that it should be noted.


361 rue Bernard OuestMontréal, QC H2V 1T6(514) 495-8258

Sat-Sun 9am-3pm



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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site YES
Debit Card YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES



Price $$$ <$15
Overall 3/5
Wheelchair Access NO 0/3




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  • Fanny says:

    Referring to someone as an old man in your review is unprofessional and just plain not nice.

  • admin says:

    I take all feedback seriously and would like to clarify that I did not refer to him as “an old man” but as an “older man” I could change it to older gentleman if you feel it is offensive although in that instance he is the oldest male in the place.

    I originally had an issue with this section as it was initially more strongly worded since many people have complained about the service and in many instances that man. I considered using an actual description of him or even his name but decided to go with a more general one.

  • Sandy says:

    I used to go every once in a while for a café au lait at Caffè Della Posta. The staff was nice and I enjoyed having a coffee there with friends and sometimes family.

    Till, this ”older man” who seemed to manage the place did not create the same “welcoming ambience”. The last two times I went, there was nobody there, the place was empty, I was asked by this ”older man” if I was going to eat anything, and if not I couldn’t stay or I would have to have my coffee at the bar.

    I finally decided to have my coffee at other nice cafés nearby… Perhaps they made a mistake in the name and should be called ”Restaurant Della Posta”! 😉

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