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The 411 It’s summer and that means a trip down to New York – more specifically, Brooklyn. Brunch in Brooklyn is an adventure and we always manage to hit up unique and delicious brunches. As of recently, I have been putting down the camera while on vacation to simply enjoy brunch, but this time I just couldn’t help snapping some shots and sharing this gem.

Brucie Brooklyn coffee

At 1st glance When you walk into Brucie you are greeted by a well sized dining area with a large semi-private area in the back and a small courtyard terrace outside. We made a bee line for the back since it was a nice day and we wanted to feel a breeze as we had our brunch.

Brucie Brooklyn cocktailFood With a good assortment of dishes, the price averaged at $15 with coffee at $3.50 with refills. What I love about Brucie is that the drink menu is just as large as the food menu. New York, being know as a city that enjoys its brunch, never disappoints us with its wide selection of tasty drinks.

  • 4 cocktails: $10
  • 7 beers: $4-$7
  • 8 wines: $10-$14
  • 4 non alcoholic coffees: $3.50-$4.00
  • Soft boiled eggs: $14
  • Scrambled eggs: $14
  • Fried eggs: $16
  • French toast: $14
  • Corn pancakes: $16
  • Beet greens: $12
  • Barley: $12
  • Grits: $16
  • Fried tomato sandwich: $14
  • Pork belly sandwich: $14
  • Meatball sandwich: $14
  • Zucchini Parmesan: $14
  • Bacon side: $8
  • Potatoes sides: $8
  • Cinnamon toast: $6
  • Ice cream: $8
  • Blueberry crisp: $8
  • Brucie Brooklyn bloody maryThe bloody Mary, a New York staple, was first up. Now, a bloody Mary is different a bloody Caesar which is what we are used to in Montreal. The main difference is that bloody Marys use tomato juice instead of Clamato juice. What makes a bloody Mary more fun is that the tomato juice is less busy in terms of taste complexity so you can dress it up more easily without messing up the flavour and then you still have the garnish to play with. This bloody Mary had pickled peppers which is an interesting twist and Montreal brunch spots should take note and experiment with a bloody Mary as the results may be interesting. We also had the punch ($10) which is described as “booze fun etc”… No joke, that is how it was written. In reality, it had gin and juice with a touch of lime. It was a refreshing drink and on a warm weekend it was the right way to start the day.

    Brucie Brooklyn grits With a variety of inspired classic brunch dishes we were very curious to see what we were in for and it was quite a treat. We had the fried eggs ($14) which, although seems like a simple dish because of its name, is anything but simple. This dish was eggs, green tomatoes, corn, harissa tortilla, cheddar and yogourt. This dish was filling and each bite was impressive with flavours working perfectly in a marriage of deliciousness.

    Brucie Brooklyn french toastThe French toast ($14) started turning heads the minute it landed on the table with sliced nectarines, mascarpone, honey, sesame seeds and olive oil. What helps make this dish great, and this hungry reviewer happy, is the bread. They don’t serve you a skimpy white bread slice for French toast. You get a thick slice of challah bread turned into a French toast topped with mascarpone and sesame. Starting off with thick slices makes a big difference and then adding the little things like mascarpone cream, nectarines and sesame add to make for an even more impressive experience..

    Brucie Brooklyn meatballsGrits ($16) was a dish we could not pass up on. This is a dish that we have heard about for years but never had a chance to try it. This dish had meatballs, polenta, greens and parmesan cheese. Despite the dish being impressive, with filling meatballs, an olive oil taste always present and a good looking dish, we still did not see what the whole deal is with grits. The dish, as a whole was great, but would I say that grits is the new French toast? I don’t think so. Although, I will keep an open mind and try it again.

    Brucie Brooklyn blueberry crisp

    By this point we were already full but Brucie’s has a blueberry crisp ($8) on the menu. It’s a typical Americana dish and you cannot pass up a chance to have it. So, with barely any arm bending we ordered it and were greeted by this warm, ice cream topped crumble and blueberry filling. It was a joy, a guilt ridden smile inducing joy. Something so good, so simple, so right…


    Brucie Brooklyn interior

    Service in the USA is always excellent and reminds us of how much better things are there. We were checked up on frequently they did a stellar job of describing the menu and didn’t rush us – all the things you want in terms of good service.


    Most dishes at Brucies are vegetarian friendly so anything you order will be a safe bet.

    Wrap up

    We loved Brucies! The dishes were impressive and it is on our list of places to go back to next time we are back in New York.

    Brucie Brooklyn exterior

    234 Court Street
    Brooklyn, NY
    (347) 987-4961
    Sat-Sun 11a.m. – 15:30p.m.


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$ $12.50
    Overall 4.5/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3









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    • shari says:

      This place looks amazing. What other places have you had breakfast/brunch at? I wish I had seen this article a couple of weeks ago, as I was in NYC then. I will keep this place in mind for next visit.


    • shari says:

      As a side note Clinton St Bakery has awesome French Toast, and is located in Lower East Side on Clinton st.

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