Best Brunch Terraces 2011 - MONTREAL Brunch and Breakfast
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Best Brunch Terraces 2011

Best Brunch Terraces 2011

With summer in full swing, winter is but a distant memory. In Montreal, when the sun comes out so do the people and they head to terraces where they can have a tasty brunch and a great view to enjoy the weather. Fortunately, Montreal offers us loads of brunch spots with terraces. We have scoured the city in search of the perfect brunch terraces and have found some you may like. The list is not exhaustive and is intended to give you a spot or two to go to in each of the respective areas. We took a look at Outremont, the Plateau, Old Montreal and NDG.

Outremont has, arguably, the most options for brunch terraces in the city. All one needs to do is walk down Bernard street and see an ocean of people all seated in a variety of terraces. The list includes spots like Café Souvenirs, Senzala and Les Enfants terribles, La Moulerie, and Bistro Le Republique. There used to be le Petit Italien but they recently stopped serving brunch. Les Enfants terribles has one of the largest terraces, while Café Souvenirs is one of my favourite on the street. The menu offering at the majority of these spots is similar with the exception of Senzala, which has a Brazilian theme and is located west of du Parc. Though they may offer similar brunch options, the taste and overall satisfaction varies from person to person. If you wish to know more, just click on each link above and read the reviews (because right now we’re only talking about the ones that look pretty).

Still staying in Outremont, but moving a little south to Fairmount and Hutchison, you will find La Croissanterie Figaro, Rumi and Chez Levesque, if you go even more south to Laurier. All three spots offer varied menus from each other and their experience is quite unique. If you ask me, I prefer this part of Outremont to the Bernard section because of the menu options, the quality and the ambiance. La Croissanterie Figaro stands out as one of my favourite brunch terraces in all of the city. It can best be described as stepping off the island of Montreal and popping up in Paris. The interior and exterior has a look you cannot find here. It is hands down the perfect place to start your morning. That being said, the menu is limited in terms of brunch items, but this place is such an experience that you must try it and you will know what we mean.

The next main brunch spot in the city is the Plateau, more specifically, Mount Royal. Although the Plateau has loads of spots, and lots of which have terraces, it’s hard to find many with both terraces and brunch options. Some will have open windows to the street side but it’s not the same thing as a terrace where the sky is your ceiling. That being said, there is one terrace that quite possibly holds the title for best terrace for people watching and that’s Les Folies. We are talking about prime real estate on Mount Royal and with so many people walking up and down the street, you can spot both beautiful people and the not-so’s at the same time. Their menu offers some tasty options to go along with the entertaining view. It also gets some good sun and you can just sit back, enjoy a great dish and take in all the urban sights and sounds. I know Mount Royal is a long street but to be honest, this is hands down my favourite brunch serving terrace on the street.

Old Montreal is the ideal spot to treat your senses on a nice summer day. There are some really impressive spots here and the whole old Montreal feel adds so much more to the experiece of eating brunch here. Where else can you find cobblestone street horse drawn carriages and some great food? Old Montreal has recently made it’s mark in the city as more than just a tourist spot. There are legitimate restaurants that are serving some impressive dishes. McGill street alone offers us a couple: you can start up at Otto and get the hotel buffet experience in their nice terrace area with a canapé and partial privacy. Lower on, you have a couple tables at Vallier made to look rather lovely and welcoming. Let’s not forget the tables outside of le Cartet where you can get some of the best brunch dishes in the city and if you are early enough, or lucky enough, you can get a spot where space is limited. You can keep walking down and go to Café des Eclusiers for a wide open experience. This place is above the water and has no walls to speak of in its main area and has a dj spinning and a brunch menu on the weekend.

A little further east is a nice little secret called Bagatelle situated inside the St Sulspice hotel where there is a courtyard with water fountain tables, plants, and a true surprise since you do not see this outside. I guarantee, when you walk in it will take your breath away. Bagatelle is open 7 days a week and offers you a buffet style breakfast and brunch. We should note that this is the only one on this list we have not yet reviewed so we are only telling you what we see and not what we have tasted.

Lastly, NDG is where the westies can come if they don’t feel like going all the way downtown to get a good terrace brunch. NDG’s Monkland village can be scenic and enjoyable on a nice, sunny day. Two spots come to mind with terraces and those are Vino and St Viateur bagels. Both have varied menus and the terraces are great to just sit have a coffee or a tasty brunch and enjoy the day as it starts off.

So that’s it! We hope you like our Brunch Terrace review and keep in mind that this is just a sampling of some brunch terraces there are available to you. We hope we have encouraged you to track down your favorite terrace. As always, feel free to comment and suggest other places for us to check out.

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